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  1. 500, 472, 425, 368
    Hi everyone I’m new to the forum here.. didn’t see anything posted on this topic. This does not only pertain to Cadillac but to any GM big block with a mechanical fuel pump I was out for a late night ride with my girlfriend when the car died and would not crank over. The lights went off and...
  2. Seville and Eldorado Forum
    First time posting! Bought a 76 that wouldn’t pass smog, rebuilt the carb and replaced most of ignition system now she runs great. My question is the two vacuum ports in the air cleaner, one has a green valve and the other is completely open. When I cap it the motor runs and idles much better...
  3. DeVille Cars for Sale
    1976 Cadillac Coupe Deville 53,942 Original Miles Mechanical 500CI V8 “Electronic Fuel Injection”. Engine runs and sounds great. Starts right up every time. Turbo 300 Automatic transmission shifts smooth. All mechanical and electrical components on the vehicle are working. Exterior...
  4. Seville and Eldorado Forum
    Hi all. I'm new here and have a recently purchased 76 Eldo convertible. I'm new to Cadillac and have one issue that has me stumped. I have a broken horn contact plate. The small tower which the contact spring itself locks into has cracked and broken, causing a constant current and horn sounding...
1-5 of 5 Results