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1968 sedan deville

  1. My 1968 DeVille Convertible...just had it painted

    My 1968 DeVille Convertible...just had it painted

  2. Owners manual/Warranty protection plan

    Owners manual/Warranty protection plan

    The VIN matches, this is the original stuff. Even have the pouch. I have the whole thing scanned and in a PDF. If there is interest, I will upload it.
  3. Package Shelf

    Package Shelf

    Huge package shelf with padded trim.
  4. DCP01675


  5. DCP01674


  6. RR passenger ashtray/lighter open

    RR passenger ashtray/lighter open

    Lighter still works.
  7. RR passenger ashtray/lighter closed

    RR passenger ashtray/lighter closed

  8. DCP01670


    Thumbnails too dark, see fullsize.
  9. DCP01669


    Thumbnails too dark, see fullsize.
  10. Pass. side Dash

    Pass. side Dash

    Those A/C vents are real chrome too.
  11. Drivers side Dash

    Drivers side Dash

  12. DCP01667


  13. Odometer


    No it hasn't rolled over....
  14. DCP01665


  15. DCP01664


  16. Power seat/Pedals

    Power seat/Pedals

  17. Drivers side Door pull

    Drivers side Door pull

    The fabric around the door pull and on the back seat is what the front seat is supposed to look like. The switches are real chrome, no plastic anywhere.
  18. DCP01658


    I KNOW the front seat doesn't match. Bought it like that, and am currently looking for the correct fabric to reupholster. Fabric is in excellent shape though, so it may stay until this car is not a daily driver.
  19. DCP01650


  20. DCP01652