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Cadillac Deville DHS
General Motors Company
Deville DHS
I absolutely love this car so much. The owner who had this beauty before me treated her so nicely and barely ever drove it. It sat in their garage & they would only drive it on special occasions like going on vacation, etc! The interior and exterior is gorgeous still and there is only a few things that need to be done physically to the inside & outside! I just got tinted windows put on in June of this year (2021) and I’m looking into fixing the rust spots that seem to be a normal thing that happens to the speaker grilles on many cars! I will cherish this car forever and I have enjoyed adding things to make my car “mine” and it’s super comfortable inside! The leather seats are heated which is a major plus when it’s cold outside! Overall, I love my Cadillac so much and can’t wait to finish the few minor touches to it I have planned to fix. I HIGHLY recommend Cadillacs. No doubt about it!!


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