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White with red leather interior second owner California car no rest
My caddy ats, just finished installing all the aftermarket accessories from the rims to the spoiler/ side graffics.sweet!
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My Grandpa's old car passed on to me. Rest in peace Grandpa.
I have a 2011 Cadillac DTS platinum I bought it new I’m the only driver only owner of this car. It has 93000 highway miles on it. I never went over 75 Cruise in it. I want to put some 20” triple gold Dayton wheels on it. Should I do it or leave it.
A taste of my 2019 CT6-V
Ported Snout, CAI, Cat back Exhaust, 1-Piece Driveline, Dyno Tuned 479 RWHP @ 7.13LB Boost @ Elevation of 4506ft
I've rebuilt the suspension with oem magnetic ride, Had the engine removed resealed, new water pump, thermostat, all mounts replaced, New Iridium plugs, Power steering hoses replaced, New rotors and pads. I swapped the complete interior of the 2010 Platinum pictured above (then sold it to my...
Add your choice of what you consider to be a classic. Include a pic if you got one.
All original/going to start pimping.
this was my first ext , I put a 3 inch lift with 33 inch nitto grapplers
1985 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz
my 2007 with 10 inch lift 35 inch nitto grapplers
Hey new to The forum also just bought my first Cadillac. Pretty upset that Cadillac is going full electric. I really really wanted to get my first V in the next couple years.