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      Today I tackled the doors, which were pretty easy.

      Using FluidFilm and this spray can extension wand, I removed the lower weatherstrip on each door and used the wand to reach up inside and apply the FluidFilm. I applied plenty, until it ran out of the weatherstrip attachment hole. I got up inside through all of the holes, which are about four inches apart;

      I also removed the trunk lid liner and applied FluidFilm in the license plate area and the adjoining areas to each side.

      Next up are the rocker panels, which I have new attachment clips (these too) on order for. Game plan is to reach in under the RP trim with a sharp gasket scraper and cut/break the existing clips, which I've read are a one use affair. Since the rocker panels are such a vulnerable area, I'll be using a combination of CRC and FluidFilm as I did in the wheel wells, and applying the products liberally.

      More photos of the RP project to come...
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      2011 CTS4 Performance Collection
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      Rocker panels done. The toughest job could be removing the RP trim, but there's a very simply way to do it. The second RP trim took me less than five minutes with no stress.

      First thing you have to realize is that you're going to need new clips, there is no way to pull the trim without breaking them. These are the clips used on the 2011;

      Two bags of upper clips (there are 12 on each side) -

      One bag of lower clips (six on each side) -

      Here is a link about how to remove the panels - Side Skirt Removal?

      I used a gasket scraper instead of a putty knife, and used the scraper to cut the bottom clips too. It's very simple to remove the RP trim pieces this way.

      Once the trim was removed I cleaned the exposed surfaces down to the pinch seam and applied a ceramic coating to the finish. Here is what it looked like when cleaned up;

      You can see the remains of the white clips which I pushed out of the way with a screwdriver. Also notice that much of the rocker panel has foam in it, which limited how much of the internal area I could apply FluidFilm.

      The next step was to coat the exposed areas with the CRC product down to the pinch seam. Here's how it looked with the CRC coating applied;

      With the outer surfaces treated, I used FluidFilm with the extension want and soaked the inner rocker panel as much as possible. Once it began running out of the bottom clip holes, I knew that was as much as I could get in there.

      I cleaned the RP trim and installed all new clips (18 total), and popped it back on.

      Final step will be in a few weeks when I get the car up on a lift and treat the undercarriage.

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