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  • Mike Johansen ·
    would you know the speaker wire color polaritys for all 11 speakers, i know the colors for each speaker just not the
    + and -. i cut the speaker wires at the rear amp and i know which colors go to what speakers.
    yungman10 ·
    Wats up man, I had a few questions if you dont mind answering them. Im looking to hook up two 12 inch subwoofers and a 3000 watt amp to my 1998 cadillac deville what kind of amp kit do i need to buy exactly? & do you think you could give me a somewhat of a runthrough on how to hook all of this up on my own? I have little to no experience with this so this would be very helpful.. I really dont want to pay someone to hook up something I can do myself. Thanks in advance
    JGlass ·
    Weister,can I get another OEM head unit and have it unlocked so I can get my chime back and this will help me keep my settings correct??Also will the Pioneer AVH 3200 DVD fight my 98 DeVille??Crutchfields website said it wouldn't but Pioneer says it does.
    weister42 ·
    Sorry I don't visit this forum too often, all you need is FOUR wires from the factory stock harness... power, ground, and the two databus(two solid purple wires). I extended the wire so I can relocate the radio right above the passenger rear wheel well. Right now is a good time to trim the plastic behind the stock deck, my headunit was a bit too deep with all the RCA wires so I had to cut off the black plastic assembly with a Dremel.
    highandmighty00 ·
    Hey man.I was just reading your post on putting the radio in your 98 deville.great stuff. the most in depth tutorial i could find online.I just got a 98 deville and want to install my head unit in it but was reading all the threads about people just ruining there cars.I was just wondering if you had any more advice i guess.for one how did you splice the factory wire harness for the radio in the back?If you would help me out I would really appreciate it because im not exactly pro at this.ha.Thanks a lot buddy. Ben Cameron
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