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  • TripleOught ·
    I'm not sure if the hosting changed, but the pictures were X's. If you find them, go ahead and send them to [email protected]

    I appreciate the info, I was just very leary about getting another go-kart ride out of this car like my CTS, especially since I commute so much and the roads aren't great here.

    My most important question is whether or not you needed the lowering rods. I might have the load-leveling shocks, so I was wondering if you did as well and what more that would entail.

    Also, B&G? Do they actually say that? I wonder if they modify them at all.

    Let me know, I'd love to get all this hashed out so I can do this for the summer.

    AllGoNShow ·
    Hey man, sorry just got your message. I do have some pictures of the springs before and after install, they definatly helped the ride height ALOT, almost perfect for most people probably, I may cut my springs another half coil when I get my wheels, just because i am a nut for perfect stance but that is me :). I will have to dig them up and find them for you, you may be able to find them on under the Rides section, goto GM then look for AllGoNoShow, I think im the only STS anyways.

    The D3 springs are actually B&G springs, so you can save a few dollars right there by ordering from B&G or anyone who carries them, compared with D3 pricing. I think they actually ride great, the ride is stiffer, what you would expect from stiffening the springs and removing some of the movement out of them. Is it too harsh? No way do I think so. A freind of mine as an E55 AMG, air suspension with multiple sport and comfort modes, and he borrowed my car for a day when I was working on his and the only comment I got from him when i got it back was, its damn comfy, thats riding on worn out winter tires with low air and lowering springs on stock shocks. I plan on replacing with Bilstein's sometime but when I don't know.

    If there is anything else let me know!
    If you cant find pictures of my car let me know, i will have to remember where i put them and email them to you.

    Have a good one!
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