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  • Gdoss25 ·
    I noticed a few months ago you were able to get your dvd player to play while in motion. I have an 05 sts and I don't quite know what the step by step process is and I was wondering if you could help me out. I've tried holding the music button down but then it just goes to the audio menu. I wrote down all the codes but I haven't found the place to put them. Do you have to press play while in park????
    stsuk ·
    Hello mate,
    Here is the pc of the rear export fogs,pic is not the best but they are either side of the licence plate.

    Stingroo ·
    Man, just ignore Jim. Rule #1 of the Internet: If you don't feed the troll he will go away. Don't bother man, he needs something better to do, clearly.
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