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  • glofcheskie ·
    I notice a message saying taht you switched the interior lights in your caddy to LED's whcih ones did you change and what bulbs did you get and from where?
    CadillacKid12 ·
    hey, i have to say I LOVE YOUR CAR.. always have.. as you see we agreed on going to englishtown raceway and then hooters on 10.10.10. hope you can join. and since your 5 min away u said so it should be a great day.. we got 12 going so far.. some CTS, CTS V 1st and 2nd generations, XLR and STSV... love you have u.. im trying to get a number so email me if you down or post in the meet and greet thread

    thanks bro
    I'm here.. :) Just put the "Sled" up for sale again. It just sits in the warehouse and never gets driven so I figured I should pass it on to someone who will enjoy it.
    CadillacGurl ·
    I doubt it. I have to take summer courses and I might have an Internship with either Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue. Come to Chicago for the meet!!
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