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  1. 1969 Deville Wheel Cover to Firewall support Bracket

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    Does anyone have a pair of support brackets that bolt from the firewall to the wheel covers? If so, how much?
  2. Floor mats for 69 Fleetwood

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    Did Cadillac put rubber mats with the cadi logo in these year vehicles?If so, you can find them at Thats where I will get mine from.
  3. Something alive under my dashboard!

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    Zbird? What ended up being in your dash?
  4. 69 Fleetwood horn issue

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    Cadee, Did you get the horn issue fixed? Also, do you have any suggestions on repairing the entire steering wheel. My wheel is missing the rubber cover that is pushed in the activate the horn.
  5. 1969 Convertible in junkyard how do I remove trim and any other parts I should get?

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    Detailer, just a thought... go to a nearby autobody shop and ask the body repairman. Especially an older guy who has been around long enough to have worked on these year model cars. Should you learn any information please post it here... I also have been looking for this info. Good luck!
  6. New to the forum

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    Welcome to the forum! Here you will find a ton of information and a lot of great people willing to help. Every once in a while there will be a “not so great” person that you might have to ignore...hahaha. Welcome!
  7. will repainting my car decrease the value?

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    You probably already painted the car by now. But I’ll still put in my two cents if you don’t mind. I would recommend repainting the car in the original color. The vin number will indicate the original color. I think the original factory paint is always best, but only if it’s in good condition...
  8. 1989 Brougham Steering Wheel - Leather

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    Hello all, I’m hoping someone can help me here. My leather wrapped steering wheel clearly has degraded and the material inside the steering wheel has broken down. The leather is now loose at different points around the wheel and it seems the wheel is thinner than it should be. Can anyone tell me...
  9. Help Identify This Hood/Grille Trim Piece

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    Anyone know what vehicle this belongs to?
  10. 1969 Convertible Project

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    Thank you! I will continue to post.
  11. 1969 Convertible Project

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    Thank you!
  12. Want To Buy Weatherstripping

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    You don't want to go used. Original Parts Group is a resource. If you insist on used, try a local wrecking yard. When you remove the weatherstripping you need to use care and caution
  13. 1969 Convertible Project

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    Thanks BJC, I plan on adding additional photos as the project progresses.
  14. 1970 Deville Convertbile - Long Road Ahead

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    Hi, I was unable to find door panels for my 1969. You should check Ebay or craigslist, or, or Caddy King had door panels for my car. they wanted $700 per panel. You may end up doing what I did and that was to rebuild the lower half (flat part) using panel board...
  15. My "wood grain" dash panel is peeling

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