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  • sundevil05ctsv ·
    So I recently purchased a CTS-V about a month ago and now I have started to mod it only to find out after buying a jet performance programmer that It has already been programmed by stealthv... I am guessing that is you? If possible could you provide me with some info on the program?
    atowndrver ·
    Rick, I am a new 04 Cts-v Owner I have done cags, and have just ordered the borla exhaust. I was on my way to ordering a K&N intake and read in a forum that you had fabricated something and I could use the K&N filter with it. Could you elaborate on this for me?
    nmaier2201 ·

    I read a post where you told someone to go buy Caterpillar ELC as a better coolant solution.

    My previous owner put the green silica based coolant in there, and I think he didn't flush it 100%... so I want to correct this as mixed coolant might have already damaged or clogged my engine cooling... what is this Caterpillar ELC?

    I was looking at the Amsoil alternative or one of the Evans cooling solutions..... care to steer me in another direction?
    wpbrink ·
    1998 DEVILLE: Having problems with air conditioning system in ref. to installing the AIR ORFICE FILTER SCREEN in the correct direction........So i drained the system r134 and found the exact place to install the air orfice filter screen but i don't know which way to put it in.........i have the new screen that i bought from the dealership.........the manual says to install the short end piece in first which i understand but where i'm lost is: DO I INSTALL THE SHORT END IN FIRST GOING TOWARDS THE PASSENGER SIDE OR DO I INSTALL THE SHORT END IN FIRST GOING TOWARDS THE DRIVERS SIDE?............i've already drained the system and undid the coupler where its ready to go in so i'm safe to proceed......
    yagenrok636 ·
    Are you still doing tunes? I have a Diablosport predator that I'm not sure is working... Also, I need a new fuel pump, any ideas? Thanks man, you seem to be the go-to guy on this forum
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