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  • cts-v avino ·
    Did your dealer pay for the LS7 clutch or did you? Did the GM parts just retain your warrenty and how did that work with your dealer? It looks like I am probably going to have the dealer put it in this week since it sounds like my flywheel is shot and throw out bearing.
    c4ss ·
    Hey, on the Magnaflow you're you have Kooks high flow cats on there? You trying to get rid of em?
    patrick2 ·
    I have the best of all worlds. Family memeber is the COO of Lingenfelter(10yrs) so I get the trick stuff b4 it'll hit the streets. I also do work for Pratt& Miller and Liberty Gears, thus the other upgrades....some of which most people would never get their hands on....unless of coarse you are with P&M or Liberty.
    814V ·
    meh after my recent banishment from the last "tiffany" thread one of the mods decided to send me a message that i didn't find cool.. so ive just been lurking a lil bit here and there
    trukk ·
    I just saw your post on my profile. I'm coaching my sons football team (6 days a week 20+ hours a week) since the beginiing of August, then was on vacation all last week. Addtionally I'm ramping up my business. LOL, i've been crazy busy.
    epershica ·
    Ok...I still can't PM because I haven't had enough posts. CAGS raffle..thanks
    Eric Pershica
    3802 W. University Apt#11203
    Durant, Ok 74701
    vmaniac ·
    I drove my new V2 to the Purdue/ISU BB game on Saturday. Was getting gas at a Shell station arond 5:15 pm and heard an awesome launch a d looked up and saw a red CTS-V. Had to be you. Nice V. Sounded like the Lingenfelter
    Vette a friend had.
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