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  • drsyn67 ·
    Hello. I have read all of the many posts from you and SJWoodruff regarding Cadillacs and success with Thermagasket. Your posts and efforts were very precise and in the case of SJWoodruff's efforts, I am not surprised by any success, based on the amount of effort made. I am curious how long the product worked for either of your vehicles, since the posts ended in 2006. I am considering it as an option for my 1998 Eldorado. I had a head gasket repair in December 2007 from my local dealership service department, and three weeks out of warranty, the gasket(s) blew again. I do know that I was guity of not using DexCool and also not having my dealership do all servicing, so they would only offer condolences for my situation.

    I would welcome your response and hope that Thermagasket gave your Cadillac years of driving pleasure, as I am hoping it will do the same for me.

    Thank you,

    Mark Counts
    E: [email protected]
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