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  • RSVDon ·

    I know this is literally random as all hell but I found your post through Google. lol

    I've got an 04 GTO that I'm putting a Maggie 112 on soon and I have a 90mm polished snout that was given to me. I'm looking for a 90mm as-cast snout to match my as-cast blower with very little luck. Do you have the 90mm as-cast and want to trade straight up for my polished one? That would save you a lot of time and effort in polishing that as-cast one I'd think. I'm in Flint, MI and will be heading south to Ohio this coming weekend. If you have it and want to trade I could drop by that area on my way down.

    I can get some pics for you if you're interested.

    Don B.
    52many ·
    Hope all is good. We met at 2009 Dream Cruise (2005 Stealth Grey)... I'm thinking of meeting up with you guys if you do Baker's... where/what is it?
    rand49er ·
    Sorry. Just saw your post.

    KARS kit is gone. Sold it to a guy in Chicago. No sure that was the right thing to do since my diff seems to have gone down hill fast since I took it off. Might be coincidence ... then again, it might not.
    PJGross ·
    (sorry long, but can't PM yet)

    PJ Gross here again (new V in lake orion)

    Well, I got my car and I've driven it for a week or so. I am going to get a tuning session at Vector Motorsports in a few weeks. I've got a rough idle that without a scanner can't tell if it is missing or what, and I get occasional backfiring during shifts, either wide open or part throttle. Car was tuned with MSD coils and after several failures stocks were put back on but previous owner didn't have it re-tuned.

    I want to get a shifter and a smaller than the current 3.0 pulley but not sure what size to go for (thinking 2.8) and would like to check out shifter/bushing combos, too.

    You guys getting together in the area sometime soon? I wouldn't mind having someone listen to my car. Have various drivetrain rattles/clunks too.

    If someone had a scanner I could run in the car, that would be great.

    I've got an old autotap for my Impala SS that is OBDII but not sure it will still work on the V. I will call Autotap to check. I'd be interested in seeing what is available, like HPTuners, or something similiar.

    I'm definitely having fun with the V. I haven't been able to feel anything out-of-whack at WOT so perhaps I'm a little rich, but not sure so that's why I'd like to get a baseline tune and then a pulley swap and tune in the same day.

    I did want to hold out for headers before a retune but when I noticed it was a 3.0 pulley I've decided to just take one step at a time.

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