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  • mdksupra ·
    Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your passenger side heater blowing cold air? I noticed a thread and am having the same issue.
    hgqguy ·
    hey man, can you hook me up with some info.
    I have a 2000 catera sport with 121,000 miles. runs nice.. sometimes.. here are the problems
    radio randomly cuts out and pops back on a minute or so later. has loud exaust leak sound during acceleration, very tinny sound.
    Most recent and bad problem is this.. turn key, evrything illuminates radio turns on heat turns one, go to start it and NOTHING no click no nothing.. after about 6 times and fliping the key it started.
    the next day drove several times fine, then get back in and same problem, only I gave up trying to start it and took other car..
    any ideas?? I have not tried the car today. I have seen posts on nuetral switch alternator issu, battery issue?? what u think, or can you direct me to somone??
    also the lights dont illuminate on the heater controler.
    catman'98 ·
    Sorry -- I am new, so the site wouldn't let me send a PM. Need both rear window (for both rear doors) regs/motor assemblies for a '98 Catera. One piece modules -- includes motor and regulator, with slide bracket and cables, etc. Also, need the jack (mounts in the trunk) -- mine is gone. If they are left, how much?
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