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  • Stingroo ·
    Hey, just curious but are you still interested in coming down to the FL meet? I know you made a post about it. I'm trying to get together final numbers for our dinner reservation and Lion Country Safari group rate (this sounds ideal for the Jeep :thumbsup:)

    Take care. :)
    ga_etc ·
    i have question for you about the 4.0s in jeeps. Going to try to go look at a 92 CHEROKEE tomorrow. anything specific i should be on the look out for? if you want to feel free to shoot me a text since i'm at work tonight. 706-847-9136. my name is austin
    Domino1968 ·

    I was reading your post from a couple years ago about your water leak coming in from your windshield. How did you ever resolve the issue. Also, do you still have the pictures that you took while trying to resolve the problem? I am having the same problem with mine. I never noticed the leak since the car usually was in the garage during a rain, and did not notice the leak while driving. Now that the wife has a new car, the Caddy is outside and everytime it rains I have a freakin' mobile pool on the driver's side. Any help would be appreciated.
    zaac ·
    Hi Night Wolf,

    I just joined the site and was reading your thread about rebuilding a 4T60E. I was wondering what happened in the end. Did you rebuild it yourself? What did it cost in the end? I just bought a '94 Lumina with the same tranny. I rebuilt the tranny in a '71 Mustang when I was a kid and it went really well. Thought if this tranny went out in the Lumina I would give it another try.

    I see you are a aviation tech. I have 1000 hrs time from C150 to King Air 200. I was a late bloomer and had a wife and 3 kids before I got my first job so almost went bankrupt and had to give it up. After the kids are grown up and gone maybe I can do it again as a hobby. That'll be another 18 years lol.

    Thanks in advance for any reply...Jack
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