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  • kevinf ·
    I forgot to ask about running without insulators. Those MOOG K6023 were a real bitch to get in. The ID is not large enough, I had to put a relief cut in the lip, even so the weight of the car finally pushed them in, but I haven't looked again to see if they bottomed out or the spring just slipped over the lip and now some of the pad is where the lip should be. I suppose I could save some height if I removed the pad, as I would like to have somewhat of a lip to keep the spring centered. I was thinking of cutting off the pad and taping the lip around the last coil to keep in place, to provide a squeek barrior so it is not metal on metal (spring on seat).
    bigserb ·
    Hi, i did a search on a problem I have. I came across a post you answered in 07. I will ask it again and let me know what you think it might be.
    Does anyone know any reasons for an open map sensor code and intermitant map Ive replaced the map sensor twice and just replaced the connector and wires. It only starts stalling and sputtering when driving around town (stop and go) it get hot is what i figure, but once i get on the freeway it stops and runs normal, then starts again once in town. Any ideas will help. How do I go about attacking this problem. It has been to the mechanics but these dumb young punks have no clue. I am out 1300 so far. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
    longo ·
    Hi, Ive got an 89 Brougham. I know you have done a lot of work on quadrajets so I thought I would run this by you first. I have filed off the stop on the secondaries so they open to full 90 degree angle. My understanding is that I will need some richer metering rods to take advantage of this. What I dont know is what size and where would I find them to purchase. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    cadchris ·
    I've seen many of yours and others posts over the past few years on the 4.9 forum and would like to ask you a question. I have recently posted the:

    " New Performance 4.9 Injector Mod. and Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator " thread.

    I think in 2006, you posted that a forum member used 15lb injectors and had no problems. Do you remember who that was?

    I can't get anyone to answer my specific question about what injectors they were using when they did their intake/exhaust upgrade. I want to see if you and others were using the 19lb upgrade or the 18lb Multecs and at WOT if you feel you were running rich on either after doing the CAI/Exhaust? As I've remarked in my Posts in that thread, I think it would be better to go with a smaller injector and raise the fuel pressure to better tune WOT mixture.

    Also, would you be willing to donate any known good 18lb MULTEC's for me to run a Wideband/GTech Baseline on my car before upgrading to other injectors and doing my Cold Air Intake/Exhaust so I can post for others to see what the numbers are? I have 2 bad MULTEC's that are out of range. I'm going to clean all of them after I get 2 good MULTEC replacements with my 3M system and then start logging #'s. After, I will send them to be flowed just to see if the 3M On Car System cleans them sufficiently then try a smaller upgraded injector and run the #'s if no one can give me definitive feedback to my question. I'm also going to look down the injector hole with a Borescope and take pictures of the back of the Valves to document how good the 3M System works in decarbonizing. I may also purchase a Terra Clean System which is suppose to be the best Injector Cleaner/Decarbonizing system on the market. I'm past using the Seafoam/water to attempt to remove the hard baked carbon on the valves/pistons and GM TEC has been exhausted for some time. I want to do a lot of experimenting and post my results. The junk yards around South Florida are cutthroat and will probably want me to buy the whole set ect.

    I would be willing to do a FED EX pickup if you have any known good resistance MULTECS your not using.

    Please let me know.


    chris [email protected]
    cadillackid1959 ·
    Hey Tom-
    I don't know if you remember me or not...we talked a while back about me having you do a performance tune on my '95 Fleetwood Brougham...I'm the guy who was talking to you about meeting up in Milwaukee sometime to do this. I sent you an email about a month ago, but haven't heard back from you, so I figured that I'd try contacting you on here again. I'm still really interested in having you do the tune on the car...sorry that it's taken me so long to get back in touch with you, but I hope we can work something out in the near future...Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks again-
    Steve Cooper
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