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  • BlackDiamond ·
    Hello, I am having trouble sending a PM. It says that I need to wait because I am new (2 months I think?). Is there anyway you can help me? Thank you.
    MotownPimp ·
    Hi Lord,

    I put a post up here ( "Very Dissapointed... in CTS) that has dissapeared. Why?

    I took Jimmy H to task abit for his anti-Toyota/Lexus non-sense. However, there were no personal attacks, no bad language, and it was factually based on my own experience.

    I've been a mod on several other sites and run a sports collectible site; I know reasonable limits. My post was nowhere near the line.

    Thanks, Dennis
    bob e ·
    Hi Lord Cadillac

    I have a 2003 Cadillac Deville DTS

    when I start the car I get a clicking noise from the dash, and and A/C doesn't work from the vents on the dash, it only blows to the floor and defroster in the top of the dash. I cant afford the dealer to fix this and I am handy. can you tell me how to fix this. Thanks
    koshula ·
    Purchased a 1993 deville recently.The vehicle is in excellent shape with only 164 000 kms on it.My problem began when i started to drive it regularly noticing black smoke from the exhaust and a terrible carbon smell.I then removed the throttle body egr valve and cleaned the hell out of them including the 2 tubes in the throttle body.After putting everything back the way it was and replacing numerous vacuum lines i get a no start.It`s driving me crazy the car turns over and almost starts but won`t actually start.i`ve tried holding the gas pedal to the floor and every other trick i`ve learned throught the years.Definetly getting fuel and spark but am out of tricks now.Please Help Thank You In Advance
    RLJ676 ·
    Hi, I'm new here (not a scammer haha) so could you please activate my PM account (there's some winter tires I'd like to buy ASAP).

    jokeraa888 ·
    My 03 CTS is starting to make a humming sound comeing from the front it sounds like in the intake if I put in it in N at speed it stops this happens at highway speeds 70 to 80 MPH has anyone heard of something like this before also my MPG has dropped off by aprox 7 MPG any sujestions would be great.
    Ponyman ·
    How about reviewing Stevec5375's behavior, and a possible red flag. He is being extremely abusive against other members on the board, and I believe he is crossing the line. Thanks
    Caddy and Benz Guy ·
    Hey everyone...Im very new on here, and am trying to solve a couple problems with my 2003 DeVille DTS.
    1- I am getting a "Service Electical Sys" light flashing on the on board computer. The only thing not working is my Cruise Control at this point.

    2- I also have a check eng Light on for the Secondary Air Injection pump, which I do already have the part to replace it with, just not the time.

    3- The shift lock release on my vehicle stopped working and am trying to find out the best way to get this issue fixed so I can sell the car and get myself into a lower mileage version, maybe a newer model....

    The car itself is a 2003 DeVille DTS, Pearl white, with 108Kmi.

    Can someone help me out here?!?!?

    Thanks so much!!:helpless:
    New Bee In New York ·
    Dear Mr. C,
    I hope you might do me favor and tell me about the license plate frame that appears in your avatar. I too have a NYS plate and want to buy a customized/personalized frame. I see that the frame you show allows the "NEW YORK" and "EMPIRE STATE" lines of letters to show, even though the plate has areas on top and bottom for lettering. I also see that the holes in the plate, both top and bottom, are lower and higher, respectively, to the frame. Is that a 'real' frame that can be mounted on a car, or is there a little PhotoShop going on there? If it's real, can you please let me know where I might purchase one? My wife's birthday is fast approaching and I'd like to buy her one.

    Thanks in advance for your reply,
    Charles Meleski
    "New Bee In New York"
    OIlman883 ·
    Dear Mr. Lord,
    First thank you for you help with this site. I have owned 7 cadillacs and two northstars. I have for the second time head gasket problems and am asking you can you help me to find the forums where I can seek help and info on maybe getting it overhauled. I dont know the exact things my mechanics at Orr Cadillac did yet, but this is my second head gasket disaster with a car that I absolutely love. Thank you for your time.


    Dobiesdaddy ·
    Hi I'm new here and would like to introduce myself to the members. What is the best thread to place my introduction in?

    Stingroo ·
    SAL! My very favorite admin friend... ;)

    We were wondering if you would mind assisting some with our little WPB shin-dig. Like some ideas for places to go (under 21 friendly preferred), things to do during the day, etc.
    Paschal Performance ·
    Lord Cadillac
    Do you know when my account will be corrected ? It does not show I am a Platinum Vender. My logo and info has been removed.
    Copy of my paid Platinum membership :

    Madison Ross Media Group
    [email protected]
    Instructions to merchant
    You haven't entered any instructions.
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    Cadillac Authorized Vendor PLATINUM (3 month) Subscription
    Item# 9ab2c13af3acea6e12c864e78b1fd4d9 $100.00 USD 1 $100.00 USD
    Subtotal $100.00 USD
    Insurance $0.00 USD
    Total $100.00 USD
    Payment $100.00 USD
    Payment sent to [email protected]
    Thanks. Have a great Memorial Day weekend !
    Paschal Performance ·
    I have sent messages to Florian and Tony for help. Tony said he was sending a message to you about getting my account corrected. Tony has been very helpful. I just renewed my Platinum Vender membership which now does not show that I am a Platinum Vender and my Logo and info are no longer on my threads or post. I also have never been able to send a pm nor reply to one. Please explain what happened to my account and when will it be back as before ? Oh it shows I only have up to 10 saved messages which with Platinum it was suppose to have increased to 200. I have : Upgrade Your Membership high lighted on my page. Not sure why it is there : I renewed my Platinum Vender membership. Please advise and help would be appreciated ! Thanks.
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