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  • kbowen ·
    You say that you can do an exchange for chrome wheels on the cts-v. Do you have any pictures of a CTS-V with these wheels and if I like them can you send me the wheels if I pay full price and then you refund me when you get mine back? Thanks.
    mlprus ·
    Your ad that shows up in the black part of this web page, up at the top, gives me a link to Superior Cadiilac in Arkansas while the ad says Brighton, MI. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Love your dealership, my truck came from there. Far more "Superior" than College Chev. where I "was" employed.
    BigIke ·
    A lot of people have told me to talk to you.

    At a local Houston dealership, we are looking at a 09' Factory car V, i think that means its a demo.

    It has 12,000 miles, they started out at 59,900 and we've gotten them down to 58,500. I'm not that good at negotiating LOL. The car is certified and comes with that 100,000 mile warranty bumper to bumper.

    I'm trading it a 06' Magnum SRT-8 They are giving me 17,500 and in this market it seems fair.

    Question is this a good deal? We are in the middle of acquiring financing, and are willing to put down 3500 to 4000$, I don't know if that will be a problem.

    thanks for your time

    idoitforv ·
    Scott I am planin on picking up a V2 once I get my reenlistment bonus at the end of the year. Is it better for me to try and get GMS from someone or to use military discount; and what kind of prices am I looking at for both. I was lookin to get a Manual, black on black, Nav, Ricaros suade stearing wheel. Lastly, I heard about the no-lift shit, is that standard with manual trannys. Thanks for any info you can provide. Email is [email protected]
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