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  • CadillacKid12 ·
    not sure on a time, but im thinking early get there for mabye 10am so we have a full day to chill and this ends at 7:30 then dinner and out 4 hr ride home

    Sunday, October 10th, 2010 8:00 AM - 7:30 PM 13th Annual Sport Compact Fallnationals. Team Puerto Rico. Sport Compact Drag Racing. Old School Pro Import Shootout. Team Puerto Rico. Import & Low Rider Car, Truck and Bike Show. Car Stereo Sound Challenge. Bikini & Hydraulics Contest. Open 8AM. Eliminations 2PM. 1/8 Closed.

    that is the event that day at the track.. follwing that is dinner at hooterss 25 min away in East Brunswick

    ill give u the address when we get there
    AJO713 ·
    someone told me that you found a way to have dual exhausts on a 2.8L CTS. I was just wondering if this is true, and if it is could you please tell me the parts I need to buy, and what I need to do.
    07RavenCTS ·
    can you tell me if these are the correct blubs to do the interior?! x2 x4 x2

    the last one im not sure about .. im lookin at a 5 led because someone else said they used it AND it comes in natural white...
    do you think natural or cool white would look better?
    if i go cool white i can get 4 LED for the map lights, but i dont even know if those are the rights ones lol.
    Kim'sSTS-V ·
    Hi, I just wanted to say I was sorry to see what happened to your car. I hope you are alright. Let me know what you decide to get for a new car. The limo seems to be kinda big for an every day car.
    BlakGost ·
    KOT, besides sanding, what is the easiest way (chemically) to remove that rubberized paint from inside the vehicle? AC vent, AC control etc? Denatured alcohol? Paint thinner? THX.
    Lupin ·
    Hi, I'm bidding on your sport grille (as you may have known, haha) and I was just wondering... If I win the auction, would you sell your old emblem to me along with it? I don't mind much if it's cracked. Just let me know how much you want for it and we can work something out, I'll just add it on to whatever I have to pay to the grille.

    BlakGost ·

    I'm having a problem with my lowbeam HID plug and play kit I bought from SharpHID. I followed most of you guys advice and installed the 6000k kit (@ 35w) to match the triangle LED light - perfect! Well, only after two days of use, both bulbs occasionally, but mostly the driver side, go out while driving. Here are the facts:

    1. Auto-On function turned off already
    2. I light the HID's well after start-up
    3. You already know we have a 20A fuse for each light
    4. Battery is 5 mths old at 12.9-14.1 volts charging
    5. DRL's have long been disabled

    Any suggestions? I already contacted the vendor and he told me to swap the ballasts over to see if the problem still exists, and then if it does, swap the bulbs over. I will do that this weekend, but in the meantime, I wanted to know if there was anything specific about our vehicle you guys already see as a problem like:

    1. Must we use a relay harness vs plug and play?
    2. Does the vehicle have issues with the 35w kit?
    2. GM specific issues?

    Thanks for all your help.
    07cts-Tim ·
    Hey i was reading on of your post and noticed you are using a PAC audio SWI-PS. I just got a CTS saturday and was going to install my pioneer z-3 into the factor cd spot. I was wondering if you ever got the steering wheel volume control to work? aslo did you get number 1-4 to work with the interface? message me or email me if you can [email protected]
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