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  • lovinlife ·
    Hi Kdirk,
    Re: Shazaam! 1995 Deville DIC instant "upgrade"

    This has been driving me nuts. I can't just drive like its all good without knowing what the temp of engine is. I have a factory service manual on the way but if you could email me the info now it would be of great help. I have a 1995 Base Deville and I love driving it. I just don't want to blow a head gasket because I didn't know a thermostat failed or ???? You understand.

    Thanks for your help

    [email protected]
    mikeman711 ·
    hello you said this could you do this for ma and email it to me to thanks

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    Re: Shazaam! 1995 Deville DIC instant "upgrade"



    I'm at least glad to see that I am not the only one who was irked by this. As a friend of mine once told me "Anal-retentive has a hypen you know!".

    I can see no reason the N* wouldn't do this too, it is the same cluster AFAIK, just the PCM is different. The PCM sends the data to the IPC where it is interpreted and displayed.

    The factory manuals can be bought from Helm, who publishes and distributes GM service manuals amongst others. They are not cheap, about $90 for the two volume set, but very well worth it IMHO, they have saved me that $90 many many times over in helping me do my own repairs.

    If you can give me a day or two, I will email you the exact prodcedure from my manual. I don't have it with me right now, so I can't give you the whole thing verbatim.

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