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  • ugotda7 ·
    Been doing some reading, searching around, saw the post about your old Z06, signed up, tried PMing you, system won't let me (not enough time / posts).

    I own a victory red 2007 2LZ Z06 with 5K miles and am looking to trade it for a CTS-V. I'm only a few hours away from you in NC.

    Send me an email at [email protected] to discuss if interested.
    jvp ·
    Got the two lenses accidentally mixed up. My 70-200 does have IS, the 24-70 does not. Good catch. The pics were taken with the latter.
    clemsgn ·
    Jason, sorry to bother you again, but I previously contacted you about your camera & lens. The pics of your "V" have great clarity ! I lost your message, but did you say you have the 24-70 f2.8L, because this doesn't have image stabilization and I thought you said yours does have IS ? Could you check again for me ?
    Thanks for your time, Clem

    P.S. If I could afford it and it was an automatic, I'd seriously consider buying your "V".....the performance and style are second to none !!
    clemsgn ·
    Hello jvp, I noticed the pics of your beautiiful 09 V and found that you use a Canon DSLR to compose them. What lens did you use for those shots ? Your camera also has a full frame sensor as well, am I correct ? How do you like the V....anything you wish was different or is everything I read and hear about it, correct ? Thanks for any info, Clem
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