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  • ontarff ·
    Thanks for your advice on the DTC PO171 & PO174. You were correct, I found a crack in the plenum. I changed the plenum and manifold gaskets without having to disconnect the fuel rail or coolant crossover. No codes. Thanks again for your help.
    mimo-dw ·
    Hi Jim
    Im new here ;) Im from Poland, from 1year I have 2000r cadillac seville sts. But all the time I have problem with him.. ;(
    Now changed all gasket in engine, and I changed all 4x shock absorber but on cheap Monroe passive absorber- not electrical, and now my Cadi show me a message " MAX SPEED LIMIT 145km (90mph) " and also "Reapir system stability" and "Repair suspension" I checked on OBD prompts on the DIC ( THX for You Jim for this great tool)
    And I have 4x Errors in RSS:
    C0579, C0584, C0589, C0594
    I do not know whether this is relevant, but when I received my car from service weather was terrible all time fell huge rain.
    What I should do, to clear this errors, Most important for me is remove " MAX SPEED LIMIT 145km (90mph) " ..... I can drive faster, yesterday I checked and I drove 160km on higway.
    Please Jim help me... here in Poland no one now what to do.....
    I appreciate the help
    JimD ·
    Jumper around in this case would be substituting a short piece of wire (paper clip?) for the brake pad wear sensor (at the affected wheel) where the sensor plugs into the chassis wire harness.

    I am not endorsing the jumper because it defeats the purpose of the pad wear sensors.
    brandonluck33 ·
    Hi Jim,

    I have the same "change brake pads" message
    what does "Jumper around" mean?

    Re: 2000 SLS "Change Brake Pads" light reset?


    Replace the damaged sensors; try part #18026765.

    Or you can jumper around the damaged sensors (which will disable the early warning feature
    JimD ·
    I hope I didn't say "tap into the headlight". What I hope I said was tap into each front turn signal harness and run two wires (left and right turn signal information) to the respective mirror glass.
    SilkyBrown ·
    Hey jim i noticed you were helping out someone with the Signal Mirror install. I got most of the info from your posts.. I only have 1 question.. When you say "Tap into the Headlight Turn Signal" what exactly do you mean by this? Do i have to run a wire to the power wire in the headlight? Or Power and Ground? How will the headlight communicate to the signal mirror that the lights are flashing? Any help would be great thanks

    [email protected]
    Corbin Dallas ·

    Thanks for the inquiry. I will do that. She has apparently had many people (in passing) tell her they are interested, but again she has no real idea of how much to ask. It's something around #495 of 1500 w/38k miles. I'd like to say she's a little old lady, but she's only 64. She does not really drive it other than around Phoenix now that she's retired. Before that, she worked like, 5 mins from home.
    JimD ·
    The driver's mirror is electrochromic (auto dimming) and the passenger side is not. That is the reason the connectors are different.
    blackonblacklac00 ·
    Ok Jim last question i promise so today i opened up both of my 05 mirrors and realized that on the driver side behind the glass for the signal plug in has 4 holes in the socket and the passenger side only has 2 holes....and u know why?only thing im stuck on plz help I promise its the last lol
    blackonblacklac00 ·
    ok so its pretty simple then just run a wire tapped into the front headlights threw the cabin into the door up into the mirrors and into the I dont need the wiring manuel for a 2000 dts?
    blackonblacklac00 ·
    lol thanks for the word of encouragement Jim lol........i figured it out unfortunitly i have to take the assembly apart but it does the job....but are the motors sensitive?because just to take the housing off u gotta twist n turn it....and taking the glass on and off is that really sensitive?because i just turn the glass all the way to the left/right and just pull it off holding the side that is been a lot of help i appreciate it a lot!
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