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  • Daz77 ·
    Aye Jay, I just wanted to know if you have a Beige/Tan 2-cupholder console?? The top opens up with one piece, not the fold out kind.
    newside ·
    Hi Jay. Thanks for replying to my post on floor pans. I read one of your post that said you were east of Ottawa, I'm very near you as i'm in Ogdensburg. I'm always hunting for cadillacs on my side of the river. I just bought a 1979 sedan deville in great shape,garage kept and never drove in winter. No issues with floor pans on that one.Thanks again. Lee
    csbuckn ·
    Jay, I've been trying to find that post about how to swap the T-56 into the B/D body but havent had any success, do you know what thread you posted the info?
    Stingroo ·
    Man I wish you could have made it to the meet... it was AMAZING. I have about 300 pictures to sort through before I make the massive thread. Craig, Matt, and The-Dullahan are all really awesome guys. This place officially is like a second home. :)
    D Yaros ·

    I am interested in the "Master Owner" badge. I have the numbered badges on my rides, but have never seen one like yours. Who received them, and what was the criteria?

    You do not know where I could get one, do you?

    Dave Yaros -
    jennings3 ·
    Am I supposed to contact you or post in forum? Any way:

    My mother's 1979 Fleetwood Brougham 94k has been sitting up for a long while. When coasting it slows down like something is inhibiting its momentum. Ideas?
    Sticking brake caliper, most likely. So that means it has disc brakes, huh? I've never messed with drum type, hear that it's complicated, no?
    Other possibilities could be dragging rear brakes, or parking brake.I'll try to get a manual. Got any ideas for the most economical and comprehensive one? Does it pull to one side? No pull noticed until braking, then a bit towards the left. Thanks, for your help. jennings3
    csbuckn ·
    yea, I think it would be kinda cool as long as people state facts/experiences and not ramble on about how much they hate the product.
    tom bakkum ·
    Jay, I saw your picture of a AC compressor that I am lookign for (fleetwood brougham 79, 425 cu), on every parts site they show another -shorter model- any idea where to order the long one?
    umyeah ·
    do you know the firing order for the 5.7 LT1 motor? i took the dizzy off and didnt label the spark plug wires. does it go front to back on both sides of the motor? Thanks for all your help,

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