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  • rgrbic ·
    I saw in some older posts you were talking about exercising the lemon law. We have an '08 Escalade and we are on our 2nd set of wheels, 3rd set of locks, 5th nav/radio, cv joint seals replaced, etc...the repair log reads like a rap sheet! We are still struggling with the nav/radio either blacking out or all loss of sound - there is obviously an electrical issue with this truck and I want to get out of it before our warranty runs out and we have to continue to pay for this crap out of pocket or, even worse, this thing catches on fire. Thanks in advance!
    You mentioned in a post that you have a couple clients that have white diamond trucks with black wheels. I have been looking for months for a picture of this combo. If it is not too much trouble, would you be able to send me a couple pictures? I would really appreciate it. I really want to do this combo, but I cannot picture it for some reason. Thanks in advance!!
    K9Caddy ·
    Hello, been browsing your website and noticed your aftermarket exhaust/tips on your escalade. Curious which exhaust sytem you went with and why you chose them over anyone else? I'm currently looking at the Corsa exhaust, just wondering if you have it and how you like it? Thank you for your time!
    bzimmer761 ·
    I have an 07 escalade with factory 22's and I am in minneapolis so I want to shop for some 18's. Which scanner tool and model did you buy? I lloked for Bartech but could not find it. How hard is it to program? my dealer wants 78 bucks each time I have them reprogram for a tire swap
    drewdude ·
    Hi Carl! My name is Andrew Burkholder... Bill's son, and major Zaino fan!! We just got a 2007 Esclade that was a GM factory demo with a bunch of their own aftermarket products installed, however, it only came with the chrome 18's and we prefer the look of the 22's better. Any suggestions of where to look to purchase oem 22's. My dad said that you had some at one time, but, believes that you've already sold them.
    Thanks for your help!!!
    icejava ·
    Hi Carl,
    I have seen you post that your run Optima Red-Top batteries. What group or model? Is this correct: 34/78 (8004-003)
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