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  • GM-4-LIFE ·
    I work in Sherman Oaks. Van Nuys Blvd. at the 101. I am here all day long during normal work weeks. We also sell the Borla exhaust line as well.
    Rule12b ·
    You seem to be the only guy with the system. I'm not sold on b&b. Any chance we could meet up in LA so I can grab a listen? I'm leaning toward the borla but trying to be sure.

    Black V In Big D ·
    Can I order the Jam Strait 194 Hyper White LED kit from you? If so, how much would it be and does it include all 14 lights for the interior and license plate? Thanks.
    cocoturkey ·
    Hi, I would like to purchase a complete set of ZR1 brake system (front and rear calipers, all 4 rotors and 2 sets of brake pads). You said in your post that you could get it at a good amount less than $8K. I have already gone through a few GM parts suppliers online, and GM Parts Direct can suppy a whole set for $7,306, and can get it for $8245.79 with free shipping. I'm just wondering if you would be able to ship 4 complete sets of ZR1 brake system to my CA address at a competitive price? Please let me know. I need to place my order as soon as possible. You can contact me at [email protected] I'm looking forward to your reply soon. Thank you for your time.
    GM-4-LIFE ·

    Can you call us on Monday or this week sometime to place your order? Once the exhaust systems come in, we will then ship it out to you. Thanks!
    GM-4-LIFE ·
    maybe they didn't take them off their site. Last I checked with GM, they were discontinued and that was back in 2008.
    AnthonyS ·
    The tails and 3rd light look awesome on the silver sts v. I am very interested in both of them for mine, how can I go about ordering these within the next few weeks? How's the installation of both of them?
    Anthony S.
    nend ·

    My name is Peter Nendels, i am from the Netherlands.
    By searching for ZR1 ceramic on Google i came by an old post from you on the Cadillac forum.
    I am interested to buy a set of ZR1 ceramic front rotors, you said in your post that you could supply them at a good price.
    Can you pleas offer a set of these rotors and the mounting hardware.
    I prefer an offer via E-mail: [email protected]

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Kind regards,
    Peter Nendels
    Karch ·
    I saw one of your posts and noticed that not only do you also call L.A. home, but you have the same initials, SG.

    But, alas, you have a CTS-v, and I do not, yet.

    Anyways, just saying hello.

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