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  • Me Wanna A V ·
    It appears I am having an issue with the site. Everytime a click on a thread it fails to load and I get the following mesage:
    Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site
    http://------------------- (Didn't type it all out)
    Operation aborted
    Please tell me what's wrong. I'm having withdrawals - Please help!!!!!
    Coma ·
    so awesome that you saw me on the road the other day!!! i'm driving and see this V in the rear view and i'm like, that guy is definitely trying to get my attention! either he want's to show off his sts-v to me or recognizes my car!
    1BlackCTS ·
    Can you change my avatar from 1Black CTS to 1Black CTS V. I had a 08 CTS and just got an 09 CTS V yesterday.

    Ward in Florida

    kck ·
    I'm guessing you are the person who "lives close" to Cadillac Tony in Florida. He told me he would contact that person to see if you could get me registered. Thanks so much! I'll post soon my really good experiences with both Tony and Scott in trying to find me (alas, ultimately unsuccessfully) a 2009 Crystal Red V. Great forum! I've been closely following it for at least 6 months, and now I can post and gain full access to all its features.
    Shark ·
    I am running an ad to sell my V. I need to make some copy changes and I have no idea how to get into my ad to edit.
    Thanks for your help.
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