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  • Viktory2k1 ·

    I have a 92 eldo with a coolant leak issue. I have replaced the waterpump several times. It just started leaking again. I used a small inspection mirror to see this leak as it is just below the wp pully. The lowest point of the diagram you posted some time ago between the 2 red circles. I have noticed 1 bolt missing and it may be the lower left inlet cover bolt. If this is the case, I was wondering if you know how to replace the inlet cover gasket. I cant even see it. I do not want to remove the a/c compressor but thats what it looks like. My GM service manual doesn't even have inlet cover instrunctions. I saw a diagram you posted on here with the whole assembly. Mine seems to be leaking from the point just after the next wp bolt to the right in the assembled view pic. I also live in Milwaukee so maybe we could talk on the phone or something. email me at my member name with hotmail.
    I cant include any link to this forum so thats why I wrote it that way.
    Thank you
    Skiller. ·

    I do notice a "punching sound" coming from the front and the rear. Also, when you originally said what could be causing the rear end hop, you mentioned: knuckle bushings, control arm bushings, and subframe bushings.

    Well, I had the knuckle bushings done..I guess next would be the control arm bushings, and subframe bushings. What are the subframe bushings? If either of these were bad, wouldn't there be play in the front and rear wheels when shaking? Or noises at least? The car is dead silent when I shake the wheels, and bounce the suspension.
    Skiller. ·
    I understand, but I definitely appreciate your help with this issue. I think I might just live with it. There is no play in the rear wheels, or the front wheels. I found out that my tires had too much pressure in them, so I knocked them all down to 30 psi and that also improved it. Someone suggested to me that a sensor could be bad on the level ride, causing the car to lift up the back end when it's not necessary resulting in a stiffer ride in the back.

    I have an appointment at the Cadillac dealership on Monday for a diagnosis. They said they'd charge $55. If it happened to be a bad sensor, or something with the level ride, any idea what $ I'd be looking at?

    Thanks again,
    Skiller. ·
    I had the knuckle bushings replaced and I do notice a significant difference, but at the same time, I think it's still doing it ever so slightly (side hopping).

    Could this be normal, or should I look at something else?
    It mostly seems to happen only when turning (90 degrees) onto another street over pot holes.

    I say mostly because I think it still happens when going perfectly straight. I have so much money into resolving this issue including new tires that weren't really necessary lol. Could it be anything in the front causing this?

    I'm asking you because everyone else I ask just says, "get an alignment", or "you're driving it too hard".

    Thanks in advance.

    Johnnycat ·
    This is Johnnycat, shoot me a email @ [email protected]
    I've got the wheels with new tires for $40 each. I've got photo's for quality assurance.
    Need your email also, so we can communicate better. I don't seem to be able to PM here.
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