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  • EChas3 ·
    Hi Koz-

    I hope all is well with you & yours. I was just wondering about your Sunrise/sunset times. Today was rainy 55-65 along the western shore of Lake Michigan but the sunrise was 5:20 and sunset will be 8:15.

    Spyder ·
    To one of my most respected co-caddyforum members.

    The wife is moving, I'm moving. To seperate houses. She's got some depression issues that she won't let me help with because she thinks she has to do it on her own and doesn't want to drag me down. She's got some maturity issues and wasn't ready to be married. She says she still wants to be with me, still loves me, and doesn't want anyone else, but that she can't be married right now at this stage in her life. She's not one to play funny games or lie so I have trust that she's just going through a lot of mind-issues right now but I don't know how to help her or myself. I've offered everything I could think of and this is all she wants, to move to seperate places, live apart, start over from casual dating, and see what happens. It's the only things she's asking me for after many months of unhappiness and being unable to figure things out so far. Let her go and hope for the best, find a way to help her figure out her issues, run away screaming for the hills, wait patiently and worry about my own damned life while she either comes around or crashes and burns? What the hell do I do...
    I've got a job interview with Fish and Game down here at the end of the month. I'm not going to blow that, I promise. I didn't take the Alaska job because...I dunno... but I'm way too late in my life to be screwing around with restaurants and rent-a-security jobs for the government. If I get a job that takes me away, I'm going to take it and offer to bring her along, but in the meantime, how do I repair what we once had?
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