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  • CTSV_Rob ·
    Hey Doug,

    I need to talk with you about an installation problem I'm having. Can you send me an email at rob.zvara at

    u8win_n ·
    Hi Doug. I had spoken to you a few months ago regarding who to contact about purchasing a Kars wheel hop kit for my `05 ctsv. I never heard back from you and was hoping that they were still available for purchase. I'm completely fed up with all the hop in my rearend and desperately need a solution. That stage 3 kits looks like it could be my saving grace lol. Please get back to me with who I should contact now to place an order for a kit (phone number, name, or just their name on their forum...i'll take any info at this point!) I appreciate your help and i'll look forward to hearing back from you!

    502imp ·
    Hey, I read your comments about wanting to get back into production on cts-v parts/rearend solutions. Let me know what you have in mind regarding this business. I have some experience and resources when it comes to niche-market aftermarket car parts. We may be able to figure something out.

    I guess I can't send PM's yet, but e-mail me at: [email protected]
    u8win_n ·
    Do you know who sells them now? If you have a name and phone number that I could reach them with it would be greatly appreciated because I am interested in buying a kit. Also, does the person who makes/sells the kits have an account on here? If so, do you know what their name/alias is? Thanks again for the help!
    CTSV05 ·
    Hi Matt, actually no, I dont have My shop otherwise the other guy wouldnt have been able to take over making My kits, sorry, but they are available, just not from me.
    u8win_n ·
    Hi Doug (I believe I saw in previous posts that your name is Doug).
    I own an 05 CTS-V and was interested in purchasing your KARS Stage 3 kit. However when I try to visit your webpage ( it tells me that it has been "Temporarily Disabled". PLEASE tell me that you still sell your anti-wheel hop kits because the hop on my caddy is driving me crazy! lol If you still sell them, could you direct me to a webpage or maybe a phone number that I can call to place my order? Thanks for the help!
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