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    BodybyFisher ·
    *********, this is Scotty/BodybyFisher from caddyinfo. I hope all is well with you at GM and that things have not gotten to difficult with the current economic/financial mess. As you know I am a GM fan. Over at caddyinfo we have an issue that has come up that is unusual and I have never heard about it before, that the PCM could be manually set for say regular in a 94 NS. I was under the impression that the pcm retarded timing as necessary based on input from the knock sensor. We would all be thrilled if you made a guest star appearance to caddyinfo, you are of course a diety over there! LOL... This is the thread, I don't know if you can come by but I would appreciate any thoughts on this. I also want to wish YOU and GM good luck. Thanks, Mike Connor
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