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  • mikepetty71 ·
    Hey carnut. I hope you can possibly help me out here. I just bought an 87 deville with the ht4100 engine. It idles ok, a little low. E30 ICS motor rpm out of range. I'm not really bothered by that. My other problem kind of explains the error. I hear a bakfire in the throttle body and a ticking under the front valve cover. (pushrod, valve, rocker, lifter, camshaft)? Engine cranks right up and starts every time on the first try. No smoke, clean oil, no leaks. I am pulling the valve cover off to investigate. What do i need to look for and what is the easies way to check the lifters without removing the intake? Or is that even possible? I have read 1000's pf posts that turn out to be a bad camshaft but my symptoms do not sound nearly as severe as the others. Any insight you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    MrDobin ·
    Just curious. Have a friend who has mentioned a few times in his riviera that there is a ride raise/lower adjuster? not sure if this is in the caddy models of the same year but figured your eldo being within a year of my sevile you could shed light. Thanks.
    caddymark ·
    Hi, Carnut
    Thanks so much for the info on the HT4100. The guy said he hit something on the front end of his car and that the sound I hear is the rattling. I don't think so. If the car has a flat cam, can that be repaired? If so, how and at what expense? Thanks! CaddyM
    Ruud ·
    Hi Carnut,

    I hope you don't mind me contacting you this way but I have a few issues with my '86 Eldorado Coupe. I have pulled the codes yesterday and here's the result: E030 (History) ISC RPM out of range
    E052 (History) PCM Memory Reset
    B127 (current) Sensor Circuit Problem Parking Brake Release
    B448 (History) Low A/C refrigerant
    B552 (History) BCM Memoy Reset

    then at the end it stays on -- ECM?
    Would you be able to explain this a little more?

    My parking brake doesn't work so I had a look. The lever for the parking brake was pulled tight yet the wheel ran freely but the rear foot brake was still working..any idea on how to fix this?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    thanks Ruud
    carnut ·
    The washer fluid sensor is the float that sits at the top of the tank. unplug it and lift it completely out, you will probably find the float contacts rusted thru or missing entirely. This item is used on many GM cars, so ck a wrecking yard. I dont see the connection to the fuel gauge tho? Need more info on idles rough?
    84delegance ·
    hey carnut how you doing. You seem to one of the most knowledgable people on this forum ive got a couple questions for you about my 84 fwb with a HT4100. first is do you know what would cause my window washer fluid light to stay on and and doesn't go out unless the plug is pulled on the reservour or when the lamp is pulled out, and when either one is done the gas gauge doesn't work. don't know what to do checked the wires and can't figure out what the problem is. i know its electrical but can't find the problem and was hoping you might know of a module or something? the car doesn't run that great either idles a little rough not too bad though
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