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  1. 472 carb

    500, 472, 425, 368
    I’m a little late on replying but I ended up with a nice reman carb and the correct gaskets. Runs like a top! Thanks for the advice guys
  2. 74 deville “clicking”

    500, 472, 425, 368
    Hey everyone, I just got my 74 deville running and cruising and noticed a “clicking” or “ticking” noise from behind the dash. Happens whether the A/C is on or not. Car has been sitting for many years if that makes a difference. Any ideas what I should be looking for?? Thanks, Bryson
  3. 472 carb

    500, 472, 425, 368
    Hey guys, been readin on this forum for a while but never posted so here we go. I have 74 deville that I swapped a 68 472 into. I need a carb for it and I’m having a hard time. I see the intake manifold has some kind of passage at the front of the carb maybe emissions? I’ll attach a pic of the...