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  • 2004_Deville ·
    Hello, i'm new to this site. I have a 2004 deville. Check engine light is on and drawing the following codes: P0300, P0171, P0174 and P1107. Engine has a bad misfire going on now (P0300 random). The MAP sensor code just popped on as well. I've always had the Bank1 & Bank2 too lean codes for a while, but always ignored them since the car ran fine up to this point. Appreciate anyone's insight on this. Thanks.
    avatrx ·
    how do I post this question? it won't let me unless I have 5, but I can't even post this:
    I'm hoping someone might be able to tell us what to try next. Our brake lights won't work. we replaced the switch. the fuse was fine. we just put in new bulbs and still nothing. taillights work with lights on, turn signal lights work. hazards work. just not brake lights.

    Please help. we can't afford the dealer to look at it. Can a place like autozone test it on their computer tester?

    thanks for any and all help.
    ss and bill in illinois
    [email protected]
    schreib ·
    this is the first forum I have used that restricst new members from posting. I thought I successfully posted yesterday and it is NOT here. I can't find it anyway. what am I doing wrong or do I simply have to hang out for a few weeks before I can get an answer to my specific problem . .. ?? I am confused.

    MarieOnCape ·
    I tried to post and got the following message:

    In an effort to stamp out forum SPAM only members with either:

    1. A specific amount of forum posts 2. Membership of at least a specific amount of time 3. Or a combination of both

    ...have the ability to post website links or email addresses. Stick with us for awhile...

    However there was neither email address or website links in my reply.
    djlaw3 ·
    Forgot to show existing tire sizes. Rear 255/60R17 105H Front is 235/65R17 103H Would like to have the same size on both front and rear. Have currently 31,500 on original tires and will have to replace in the next 5,000 miles Can the sizes be the same on both front and rear. '06 V6 engine
    babsygirl ·
    I just joined yesterday, and need to find my post and any possible answers.....ignition freeze (security) frequent problem. Can you direct me how to do that? Thank you, sorry to bother you>
    trackbait ·
    Brett... Greetings. Newbie to Caddies, but long time Corvette Forum member, contributor, enthuiast, etc. Wondering why now that I have registered and tried to make a couple of posts here, I get msg that says Mod must approve before posting, and the post never shows up? Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    Please PM me
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