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  • Jerseyfoo ·
    Hello Belzebob,

    I mean you no hostility, simply am straightforward... there are many rookie mistakes with the infrastructure of this website which could be strangling your traffic to as much as 1/4th of what it could be, assuming you have desperate users. It is so in-efficient a single malicious user could force your site down.

    If you're interested in what I have to say, or to fix it, please contact me by email.

    Derek Conklin.
    seagull369 ·
    Hey, hope you don't mind me contacting you but I noticed you seem really informed on the 4.9 liters and just had a quick question. Would you happen to know if the EGR's on the 4.9 liters are designed to hold a vacuum? I tested the one on mine and it's not. I bought a new one and it tested the same way.

    I have a thread posted discussing the specific problem I'm having with my car and if you're not busy perhaps you could take a look and comment if you have any ideas.

    Thanks very much for your time. Ken
    boston94deville ·

    I heard you're pretty much the top authority when it comes to troubleshooting the 4.9 caddys. I have a 94 DeVille that has the strangest running issue I've ever seen. The car sputters and kicks sometimes, in a completely random pattern. On some starts the car will run perfectly the entire drive, while other times I can barely leave the driveway without feeling like the car is going to die on me. I found that if I turn the key to the crank position with the car in drive it will run perfectly, and when the alternator is unplugged it also runs seamlessly. I need any help I can get at this point, as the car is mechanically fine and this one electrical ( I assume) problem prevents me from driving it everyday.
    Newman ·
    Dear Beelzebob,
    I googled northstar engine hard cold starting and found your reply to someone that had a simular issue. You mentioned to replace the fuel pressure regulator, after checking the pump by listening in the gas tank fill hole. I checked to hear the pump running, it was, then replaced the FPR and our Eldorado has never run better, it has 120 K miles on it. Starts first time, ever time now, no long cranking. Plus runs allto smoother and excellerates better. Excellent adviss. I also have an SLS with 110K miles, heck I plan to relace that one too if it makes that much differece. I joined the forum, user name "Newman". If you are ever in Dallas TX let me know, I owe you a couple frosty adult beverages. Thanks again, Newman
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