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  • 75sled ·
    Sorry I didn't get notified of this message. I just happen to look up and see i had one today. Anyway, I love my Coupe. I have rebuilt the brakes, replaced the radiator, tuned it, replace the cruise module, service the tranny and replaced a freease plug. I am about to replace another freeze plug, replace the starter, and rebuild the A/C. I probably wouldn't even mess with the A/C yet, but the compressor and the clutch locked up and rendered it undriveable due to the powersteering being on the same belt. So I just used that as an excuse to get A/C. Seeing as how I live in the deep south it wasn't hard to rationalize.

    Anyway, I think I saw a post from you a while back where you were looking at one but it fell thru because it was in bad shape? Have you found another yet?
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