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    hi 70eldo, Thats really interesting what you say about the stock of cts in Holland. Do you know if there are any rhd uk spec cars there? I have ordered a bls wagon through Motorpoint, which I have been told will be arriving from holland some time in february. I guess it will be the same release as the one you are waiting for. Now you have said about the cts I'm wondering if I should wait and cancell the bls wagon. My only problem is I want a cashmere interior in a cts and all that is left in the uk at the moment is black. Is there any info on the web about this stock? How did you find out about it? Any idea what the prices will be? Is it march or february for the bls release?

    Thanks, Lord alvis.
    70eldo ·
    The rear bezel came with the car. It's the euro-version. In Europe it is mandatory to have rear fog lights (extra bright red).
    The fogs in the front just have a reflective foil. They sell it as foil for the top of the wind screen...

    Thanks for the props!
    socalgrifo ·
    wasup man!! Where did you get the rear Bezel from? or did it came with the car? what about the red light, did it also came with the car? Thanks
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