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  • conmetal ·
    Yes, I'm leaning more toward the battery now. I have toggled the Traction Control button on/off to ensure that wasn't the case. My voltage isn't consistent. I checked voltage at the battery: 12.1 at positive & negative post, 12.2 at fuse box underneath the hood. As I ran DTC's the voltage mysteriously dropped to 7.8, however after the DTC's completed it magically came back up to 12.2. The contacts for the grounds didn't seem too dirty, but I'm heading back out now to clean them up and make them shine!

    conmetal ·
    Thanks for the input. I am not able to send pm's due to being a new member. The car has 154,873 miles and climbing. I have no idea if any sensors were replaced by previous owner/s.

    The only current DTC I have now is IPM B0429, however the rear air controls seem to be working fine. Then again I haven't tried them with A/C.

    I haven't had the CKP sensors installed yet. I had a no start incident on Sunday which I ended up starting the car in Neutral. Supposedly, this could have tripped these codes. The front coil boots have been installed. The idle misfire isn't as rough now but still present and the P0300 code is now in history. The FPR vacuum hose does smell of gas, so that will be replaced as well. I will also have the IM plenum checked to ensure no leaks.

    If those don't work the CKP sensors will follow. I replaced the Engine Oil Pressure Sensor night before last. Man, it was rough. Think I may have to pay someone to do the CKP sensors if needed.

    I'm about at wits end with this car. So many possibilities to each issue. I need to tackle the Security, Traction Control and Stability System lights as well. Just no DTC's giving me a jump on these issues. I've read that a ground issue is one of the more common places to start. As well as the brake lights and BTSI switch.

    Thanks again!
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