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  • Indpowr ·
    My your name and ability do you own a shop in Canada? Amazing job on the V install on your CTS.
    Question if I may: Is all that is needed was the front bumper and foam insert? No lights/hood is needed?? I wanted to do this but people told me it was not possible.

    Also, if you do own a company, we make parts for the interior of cars. We have done a few CTS items that I will be installing on my car and just wanted to let you know incase you have a customer or two that is looking to upgrade the interior. We can do anything and the product we use is very high end (Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini)

    Here is a CTS wheel that will be going in my car


    Thanks for your time..
    mbl_rl ·
    Hey, If you don't mind, I would really appreciate you e-mailing me a picture of your car. I have a CTS Luxury, and have been thinking of adding a hood-ornament to it, would love to see how it looks. Thanks!
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