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Eldorado convertible '72

Eldorado convertible '72

This is the car that I got the motor (500) out of for my truck ('72 Chevy). The car was pretty rough.....the picture makes it look pretty good though.
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Hello ! This is the same car as mine, exept mine's a 1971, but the color is the same, though mine was original a "tripple green"...(Green conv.Light green metallic Paint, and green interior)...But it was painted in somewhat the same color as this before it was shipped from California to NOrway in 2001..I belive it was. I'm the third owner in Norway. I have ordrerd a original green conv. to it, and are hoping to be able to paint it back in its original Color.The interior was new re-done in seats, but are somewhat a victim of time's toe on th einside door-panels...
Im now givinge the Top's a valve-overhauling and are, together with others on this forum interested in what Color-code the 1971-500 CU" had...
Do you have any pictures of Your Engine in the right paint, so please send them to me...
My adress is [email protected]

Best Regards From NOrway
Kjetil Furuberg

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