Long story short it rained last night. I dried the car off this morning with a new microfiber cloth and mother nature dropped a pebble the same color as the roof and well the picture says it all...

The vinyl top is 24 years old and has seen better days, it has several cracks in random spots you can't really notice that unless you were really searching for it.

I didn't push too hard when drying the top but I guess hard enough to leave a 10 inch scratch on what appears to be the vinyl clear coat? Not sure if there is such a thing. Upon further inspection of the scratch it doesn't appear to have cut into the vinyl material but given the age I am worried that it may have damaged it so it may develop into a crack in that spot. Replacing the top is not an option at this point as the car could use a engine rebuild and a new paint job which I will not be doing any time in the near future.

Have any of you guys scratched the vinyl by mistake if so what should I do?