After some hiccups with sellers this one should probably be here at my house next week. About 50K miles on it. Used by an elderly couple and both have passed away.

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This one below listed on for $29,000 if you are interested tell him to stick the asking price up his *** and offer him $1 more than what he paid $12,500. I talked to the seller (second owner) and originally he wanted $14,500 and offered to sell it to me for $14,000. I was a bit leery since it was listed on Facebook marketplace. Is this like too good to be true or a dream? I died and went to Cadillac heaven. Anyhow I told the seller I need to verify you with an inspection. He told me he was for real but I don't know anymore about trusting people. He said another collector was looking, in fact several. One happened to be at Orlando on business and was going to stop by to look at it. Well he bought it for $12,500. About a week later it shows up for sale. I messaged the seller (second owner) and said here look at this. Isn't this your car you sold. Yip he said that SOB. I made the seller (third owner) now an offer of $12,501 but I haven't heard from him.

Originally the car belonged to a couple in TX. He passed away at 90 and his wife just used it to drive to the country club to play cards. The photo below is the first owner.

The second owner said he just wanted to sell it for about what he paid. He didn't have a garage for it anymore after moving to FL.

I'm still pissed! LMAO I bet he never sells it for $29K. Vanguard Motor Sales has had 2 listed for I bet 3 months for near new prices. Only an oil baron from Saudi Arabia would pay those prices.

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