Hi guys,

I have a 2004 XLR. For awhile it was having intermittent performance on the wipers, where the delay settings would sometimes work, but mostly the only way I could get them to operate was on the high setting. I replaced the motor, but it didn't resolve the issue with the delay settings. Then a couple months ago, it stopped working altogether. I replaced the switch, but the wipers were still dead.I got another motor, this time not a re-built one, but still won't work.

I referred to the service manual, and I've checked the fuses, tested the relays, and tested the power to the motor. I get power to the wiper wiring connector on the low and high settings. I also got continuity with a check on the ground wire to a ground on the engine block, so it doesn't seem like there is an open ground.

I'm at a loss for what it could be at this point. I was thinking maybe the motor just isn't connecting to wiring module enough. I jammed it in as far as I could. Was thinking of soldering a little extra metal onto the tips of the male connectors to see if that helps.

Does anybody have ideas or experience with this? I'd appreciate any tips you could provide.