I've been a long time BMW enthusiast and owner, I currently own a BMW Independent shop as well as more BMWs than I can often count. As I have an affinity for older M cars (I own an M6, 88 M5, a Vintage Euro 635, etc..) I always like to have one new car that I lease as I can write it off.

For years I have wished that America would build a real 5/7 series competitor and after reading a review of the STS in, of all places, the BMW Car Club of America's monthly magazine, I leased a V6 Lux with Moonroof.

Pros: Really excellent, dialed in suspension. I was worried that it might be soft, but I was wrong. This car is tight and really surefooted, and this comes from someone who drives an M5 most of the time. This car has an amazingly responsive suspension and it's easy to push it. Brakes are another strong point, they are very powerful and don't fade easily. The V6 has adequate power, is smooth and surprisingly good on fuel. Good stereo, comfortable seats, and a hell of a lo tof car for not much money when compared to the competition.

Cons: Cheap interior materials, iffy fit and finish (Paint could be nicer, body panel fit and finish..etc). Michelin MXM4 tires are horrible.