Bought this car with 92k on it from a private seller. They had let it get fairly dirty (the wheels were covered with brake dust, interior was a mess) but my mechanic gave me the thumbs up so I went for it.

Love the size. A very stable car at highway speeds, and plenty of room inside. Steering and handling were a pleasant surprise, I wasn't expecting either to be as confidence inspiring as they both were. I love the auto headlights, self closing trunk, and Northstar engine. The sunroof is so big it feels like I'm in a convertible with it open.

The bad news is the tranny went at 110k. Not entirely unexpected, but a major hit in the cost department. As this was my only vehicle at the time, I put the money in it and got it replaced. Since then the car has run fine.

Overall, I like bigger cars, and this one was a nice balance of size and sport.