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  1. 2018 Cadillac XT5 CUE system playlist problem
  2. 2020 XT5 China Sales Brochure
  3. Sputtering/Won't Accelerate
  4. Speed Limit, Speed MPH, and Direction (N, NE, etc) on driver info cluster
  5. Playing albums from thumb drive
  6. Passenger air filter-dealer's service event
  7. Deer whistles
  8. Windshield Woes
  9. 2020 XT5 changes from the Order Guide
  10. LCD Screen in Instrument Cluster flashes on and off
  11. Xt6
  12. Android Auto not working with CUE anymore??
  13. Waze installed on carplay
  14. Debris build up in Fender Wells.... Shocking...
  15. 2017 XT5 engine quits after fueling
  16. Front Fog Lamp Bezel Replacement
  17. CUE not working.. NOTE: waiting for update media
  18. Cargo Cover
  19. Cadillac Believes XT5 Would Make A Good Hearse
  20. 2020 XT5 Spy Shots US Model
  21. XT5 COMPLETE loss of power while driving
  22. CUE goes dark
  23. Some of us complain about our XT5
  24. XT5 Exhaust Replacement
  25. Maximum Performance
  26. Is Seattle Tunnel in Spring 2019 GPS Update?
  27. Nav Full Screen?
  28. Floor mats - Weathertech
  29. Code U135A
  30. Cadillac vs Lincoln, Motor Trend, 4/15/19
  31. Car alarm when pumping gas
  32. Factory service manual 2017 XT5
  33. iPhone Xs MAX charging with wireless charging retrofit installed
  34. Delay in moving from park
  35. Apple Car Play
  36. Speed Limit sign on dash
  37. XT5 Transmission Cooler and associated parts
  38. What happened to Average MPG on the XT5 DIC?
  39. TPMS Relearn
  40. 2020 XT5 Production start up date
  41. 2018 XT5 fuel gauge sensor unit
  42. XT4 Brakes
  43. Blackout my 2017 XT5
  44. Self-Driving Cars
  45. Possible new auto start/stop disable method found.
  46. 3 rims and taillights to date
  47. 2017 XT5: Android contacts not syncing up to CUE
  48. New interior color available for Luxury and Luxury Premium
  49. Lane Keeping Assistance
  50. Transferring music from a CD to a memory stick to use on my XT5
  51. First Cadillac, First Post
  52. Fuel injection service & brake system flush
  53. Build sheet and service history?
  54. Rough ride
  55. Range AFM disabler
  56. Strange offer from dealer to trade in my '18 XT5 for a '19 XT5?
  57. Approach Lighting
  58. Great snow car!
  59. XT5 Lease
  60. A new sport package will be available next spring for 2019 XT5
  61. Master Brake Cylinder Failure and Pump in my XT5
  62. Help - USB Media Really Sloooooow
  63. USB Drive
  64. A new color is now available on the 2019 XT5 and a color is deleted !
  65. Adaptive Cruise Control
  66. Adaptive Cruise Control
  67. Buying my leased XT5 at the end tyof my lease
  68. XT5 and Chev Equinox
  69. Poor strength on rear hatch struts
  70. Has Anyone Else Noticed the Related Threads After the Reply Window?
  71. Rear seat infotainment system available again in the XT5
  72. Popping noise from engine upon start up
  73. GM charging system
  74. Winter Driving / XT5 Style
  75. Oil Leak
  76. Worst traction ever on a vehicle
  77. Subwoofer install
  78. Ct6
  79. Where is USB or MP3 port?
  80. Wax/cleaner for crystal white tri-coat
  81. Do you have FRIENDLY CONTACT problem XT5 tire rubbing?
  82. Charging Idea...
  83. XT5 Windshield Collision Alert Lights not working
  84. Amazon Oil :)
  85. 2020 XT5 pictures leaked.
  86. My.Cadillac App
  87. Latest on the upcoming 2020 XT5
  88. Tires / Wheels
  89. XT5 Transmission Shifts
  90. Radar detector hard wiring behind mirror
  91. Complaining
  92. New 2020 XT5 extended : XT6
  93. Real, "Real World Miles Per Gallon"
  94. XT5 Shifter Issue
  95. Transmission oil change
  96. How To: Wireless Charging Module Upgrade for 2018 XT5
  97. exhaust mods
  98. Maple Sugar interior no longer exclusive to the XT5 Platinum
  99. best/cheapest place for parts & accessories in Southern Ontario
  100. AWD oddity
  101. Differences between 2017 and 2018
  102. Anyone have Photos of OEM Black Rims?
  103. Seem to have "lost" my speed limit alert?
  104. U135A and P26C8 Codes
  105. Tire Rotation - Do it or Not?
  106. Xt5 cabin air filter replacement
  107. Key fob wouldn't work - 3rd time stranded by XT5 in as many months.
  108. Add headsup display
  109. Start stop not working
  110. iPhone XR Too Long For Tray When Lightning Cable Plugged In
  111. Parking brake won't release
  112. Start-stop defeat idea (new) free to experimenters and marketers
  113. 2020 XT5 Changes
  114. miss having Start stop disconnected.
  115. Front Cup Holder question
  116. Wireless charging lightning bolt
  117. Rear back up LED light installed! Now I can see with back up camera! Plug and play!
  118. Rear rattle/thumping over bumps at low speeds.
  119. Rear Seat Belt Indicators Are Missing On the XT5
  120. Rear Defrost
  121. Green car light on tripometer?
  122. Wireless Charging
  123. Alignment Issue
  124. Bad traction
  125. XT5 Brake Lock up
  126. Technical question for those who know mechanics
  127. OK Got another one for you. Front-Rear Skid Plated & Custom Exhaust Tips - Yah or Nah
  128. Instrument cluster reads "Side Detection Temporarily unavailable" upon start up.
  129. Unable To Connect 2017 XT5 to iPhone 6s Hotspot
  130. Have You Checked the Tire Pressure of Your Spare?
  131. Cadillac Script Decal
  132. "Service Theft Alarm"
  133. Is it just me or am I not alone
  134. For those with AWD, do you find the drivetrain "noisier" in AWD mode?
  135. Different Rear Camera Views on Platinum
  136. Clear Tail Light Pictures
  137. Cadillac Cyclone
  138. New 2019 XT4 and CT6 front grille style for the XT5
  139. Door spot lights installed
  140. Auto Volume??
  141. Android Auto touch input badly off
  142. Drivers side mirror
  143. Lane Departure Warning
  144. xt5 large sunroof
  145. 2018 XT5 Vibrating at 40 mph and higher
  146. I was very pro stop/start until I watched this video
  147. Wireless CarPlay support?
  148. What does the trailer plug disable?
  149. Cadillac Sales
  150. Cue and IPhone X Message reply
  151. Wireless charging
  152. New Tires
  153. Driver mode switch
  154. Active Fuel Management (Moved from Start/Stop Thread)
  155. Touch Screen not showing Heater functions
  156. Service Transmission Message
  157. Waze on Apple Car Play Now
  158. If someone has a 2017 XT5 AWD and a GDS2 Tool, could you look up something for me?
  159. Long Trip Report
  160. Rear Backup Light
  161. German cars diminished
  162. XT5 - differences in each year?
  163. Navigation destination question
  164. Wheels damaged by curbs
  165. Need help logging in. Had to dig out old tablet with cracked screen.
  166. 2018 xt5 driving me crazy
  167. Tuxmat custom fit floormats
  168. GM OEM Rear Seat Covers! IF you have KIDS or PETS.. you need these!
  169. Clear Tail Lights...
  170. Leak- Drivers side floorboard flooded
  171. Transmission-idiot proof/performance mode!
  172. [2017 XT5] Backup Light does not turn off ..
  173. My new XT5
  174. Guidelines in XRT5 not displaying/wrong color
  175. Driver side front LED not working, is it a fuse or something bigger?
  176. My cadillac app
  177. Wireless Charging Ouch
  178. AWD issue.
  179. Spare tire - - - RANT
  180. Clunking, Growling, Whistling, Whirring all on the first page.
  181. Clunking sound in the power train
  182. Rear differential
  183. Oil Pan Drain Plug Option DIY
  184. Over Reacting Adaptive Cruise...
  185. What goes here? Is something missing?
  186. Finally an XT5 V
  187. XT5: 3rd slowest selling used SUV
  188. Hello my name is Maureen
  189. Dear Tapatalk users here
  190. Wifi 4g
  191. Nav image incomplete after screen transitions to full screen after it is touched
  192. Clear Taillights...
  193. 2018 xt5 hud
  194. Great Car Care Products for your well deserving Cadillac XT5
  195. '17 XT5 Sunroof/Sunshade does not open
  196. Headlight alignment
  197. Whirring sound 1700-2100 RPM..
  198. Steering Wheel Play...
  199. Xt5 Tire Rumble at Slower Speeds
  200. SRX vs XT5 An Owners Comparison
  201. locking gas cap
  202. Mildew
  203. What Do You Use to Clean the Interior?
  204. 2018 XT5 trip odometer
  205. XT5 Rear Gate Wing
  206. 2017-2018 XT5 Recall
  207. XT5 v2019 Map Update
  208. Sound deadening installed
  209. Headlight Assembly removal on XT5
  210. Running boards
  211. What is the green gear Icon on 2018 XT5 Lux AWD in Sport mode
  212. Where can I take it?
  213. Diminished Value crash dollars
  214. Oh where Oh where is the RPO Label on a 2018 XT5 Premium Lux?
  215. has any one put after market wheels on their xt5??
  216. Caution for back sea passengers
  217. Towing options for pop-up camper
  218. Washers not covering windsheild.....
  219. CT8 Coupe.
  220. Online Diagnostic and Repair subscription for 2017 XT5 is available
  221. How do you install the Illuminated Rear Lift-Gate Door Sill?
  222. SOLVED can get your iphone8 and iphoneX charging wirelessly!
  223. Cadillac XT5 Factory Navigation Upgrade! i05 to i06 OEM Plug & Play DIY in 30 minutes
  224. Sirus xm radio station logos
  225. Outlandish explanation from OnStar
  226. Fuel Saving V6/V4....
  227. Tips or Tricks XT5....
  228. My S-Class cant do this... Heated / Cooled seats...
  229. Smooth stop/start
  230. Driver's mirror moves when D engaged. Help?
  231. Rear Diff Guts / Explination
  232. GM drops courtesy maintenance on 2019 Cadillacs
  233. Power Steering Fluid / Transmission Fluid ...
  234. Manual Shift Mode SRX vs. XT5
  235. XT5 Assist Steps 84059167?
  236. AM startup noise
  237. XT5 Rear Entertainment...
  238. Premature tire wear?
  239. Anyone have a current link to check TSB Bulletins
  240. Basic (free) OnStar Services
  241. Remote Start
  242. Engine Oil Life system...remaining life percentage
  243. License Plate Frame Matching Trim
  244. What the hell is Marketplace Update??
  245. Heated and Vented... Not Cool (ed)
  246. Couple of Clacking and Ticking Noises
  247. Would you buy an XT5 with a 2.0L Turbo?
  248. Wireless Charging
  249. Rattles fixed
  250. Fuel Fill Funnel Missing