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  1. Headlights a high pitched sound.
  2. Water pump replacement
  3. The good ole Transmission no longer shifts to reverse, input needed.
  4. Crappin' crisis... need help! Can't relearn TPMS, road trip tomorrow.
  5. 2004 CTS-V Cam and Crank Position Sensor Replacement Writeup anywhere?
  6. Axle part numbers
  7. car shimmys going down the road
  8. Lower Grille Mount
  9. Just installed CS stage 1 motor mounts, happy with results.
  10. Anybody in Upstate NY?
  11. Anyone looking for 2013 6.11 Infinity / Nissan Navigation disk? PM me
  12. Clutch Engagement Noise
  13. Nav warning screen pops up every startup?
  14. Details on function of reverse lockout solenoid
  15. 2005 CTS-V bad engine? And source for rebuild kit?
  16. New to me 05 CTS-V Question about RPO codes
  17. 2004 CTS-V Grinding noise ***NEED HELP DIAGNOSING***
  18. HELP throwing code U0074
  19. 04 CTSV Electrical Problem
  20. HELP! Slow speed "rubbing/grinding" AFTER servicing the rear in my V...
  21. Picking up 2005 CTS V
  22. TR55 Sparkplug Install
  23. 05 cts-v problem with ignition
  24. Stock cv please help
  25. Reverse gear popping out
  26. help!! 2005 CTS-V A/C not working! service ac message!
  27. No Heat, or A/C
  28. 04 rear diff question
  29. First time V owner - question about extended warranty company.
  30. Oil Cooler to the rescue!!
  31. Heated seats thermistor specs...
  32. 2006 ctsv tos fuse blows when cranking.
  33. 2005 CTS-V RPM range shifted?
  34. Everything old is new again!
  35. Checking in to give an update...
  36. 2005 CTSV shuts down spontaneously after about 30 minutes
  37. Catch can controversy (correct install 04-05 cts-v)
  38. 2005 CTS-V Dyno with Minor Mods
  39. How in the heck... (pepto in tranny)
  40. Clutch Position Sensor(How does it work/No Cruise)
  41. Clutch Pedal Assembly
  42. "Trunk open" repeatedly flashes on screen
  43. Slow acceleration and rough idle
  44. Opinion on 2004 for sale?
  45. Stuck removing rear deck. Need advice.
  46. Need advice on purchase.
  47. 2004 CTSV Moonroof Wind Deflector Broken Arm Repair
  48. Highest mileage CTS-V probably anyone has seen
  49. Brake lines rusted out, looking for parts - anyone from GM still watching the forum?
  50. No power after new battery replacement
  51. Circuit diagram for trunk release/tpms
  52. Ignition switch replacement (NOT lock cylinder)
  53. Looking at first gen Vs
  54. Ready to buy a V but can't find one local
  55. Any gauge pod (a-pillar or dash) available specifically for the 1st gens?
  56. A/C Compressor Discharge to Condenser line, no longer made or in stock anywhere?
  57. Putting screens in or blocking the front brake ducts?
  58. Smells like Oil or Rich Fuel.
  59. Parking Light Bulb Not Working
  60. Stalling rear tire lock/chirp during acceleration while turning
  61. MAF and ECM Woes
  62. Radiator support
  63. 2005 CTS-V pinging
  64. Bad Coolant Temp Sensor? Engine Hot - AC Off
  65. Cheapest sub 100k mile V in the country?
  66. Valve cover gasket keeps popping out
  67. Issue that is driving me crazy
  68. As Hank Snow said "I'm Moving On".
  69. Sold my V
  70. New Owner Checking In - 2004 V
  71. Cigarette Lighter or Ignition Wires? 06 CTS-V
  72. Gauge Cluster Almost Completely Dead...
  73. Location of G104?
  74. Does ARP make cradle mount bolts?
  75. Car Shopping -Maybe 1st gen V vs Second gen 3.6 DI
  76. Prospective buyer looking for advice on listing
  77. New Guy looking for a stock 2006-2007 leather manual shift knob
  78. Troubleshooting rear-end/CV Axle/Brake problem...
  79. How dumb am I? Using my CTS-V with Lyft tomorrow..
  80. l/h low beam popping fuses
  81. Soon to be new CTS-V owner in Alabama
  82. Help from a gen 1 guru
  83. Help, Where to find LS6 numbers for under hood on strut cross brace (one missing)
  84. 2006 CTS-V - no comm with OBD2 after completion of LSA supercharger
  85. 2004 CTS-V seat belt pre-tensionor question (post airbag deployment)
  86. 2006 CTS-V Rack and Pinion Solenoid Removal Problem
  87. Should I buy it?
  88. Winter rims for an 05
  89. Dss axles failed
  90. Help with dash removal (pass airbag blown)
  91. Intermittent hard starting issue - '05 V
  92. Pilot bearing for tranzilla......
  93. ABS Sensor Failure
  94. Question for the TR6060 crowd.
  95. GM Provide Information about a Particular Car?
  96. Looking to buy one
  97. Soon to be 1st gen owner in Long Island, NY (hopefully)
  98. 05 V Coolant leak from back of Driver's cylinder head?
  99. Convince me to get the V1 over the V2
  100. clutch issue
  101. Turn signal cancel activates high beams/flash-to-pass.
  102. PEDAL. Accelerator Pedal Part Number: 15260805
  103. Vote for Cadillac!
  104. Possible Alternator Issues
  105. No sound from rear speakers with aftermarket head unit
  106. Part # for Passenger Position Sensor?
  107. Why won't this &*%^$ crank?
  108. brake duct needed
  109. I sold the v.
  110. Trailing arm replacement or bushing or both?
  111. new guy having all the vibration fun!
  112. Anyone have low-mileage take-off CTS-V springs around?
  113. C0113 and C0281
  114. Rear brake caliper problem
  115. Water getting into cabin...
  116. I'm back sorta
  117. Another dressed reverse problem
  118. Met up with the Cadillac UAE for coffee and photos.
  119. Catalytic converter replacement and O2 sensor info (FYI)
  120. So what was wrong with the 04-05 cts-V diff after all??
  121. Hello - new to me 2005 CTS-V - mods?
  122. Noise in the bell housing
  123. Want to return to stock front suspension...
  124. Where does the time go?
  125. Cleaning inside of headlight lens...
  126. 1st Gen Hood Safety Latch Solution
  127. 120k miles, what should I be looking to replace?
  128. New To me V owner - electrical whine/noise thru stereo
  129. Windshield washer hose
  130. Water pump and Where does this gasket go!?
  131. 2006 CTS Antitheft System keeps activating
  132. Wipers
  133. '05 Power Steering Pump Nightmare
  134. Where can I find a 2004 CTS ribbon cable for the navigation?
  135. Crankshaft damper wobble
  136. 2006 CTS-V shuts off when raining
  137. 05 cts-v rear deck subwoofer stopped working
  138. Fuel/gas smell near rear/side of car after track sessions - any thoughts?
  139. What do you use?
  140. Passenger seat
  141. A/C belt replacement
  142. V1 air deflector/underbody shield
  143. Tire size question.
  144. Fml...
  145. Has anyone ever had a car ceramic coated after detailing?
  146. Disassembling Brake Calipers
  147. DTC P1400 & P0304 at no load and cold 2007 CTS-V
  148. '05 CTS-V Drivetrain Vibration - Comes and goes, cause unknown
  149. Dorman shaft and Homebrew mk1 radiator cover.
  150. Planning a bank heist I need your help
  151. 05 V steering play
  152. Retaining 06 steering wheel controls
  153. Alternator Keeps Getting Fried
  154. Pulled the trigger!! Here she is!!
  155. Reliability?
  156. Stability Control Issues
  157. Transmission help among other things.
  158. Clutch/ Transmission noise
  159. OB2 port not working
  160. Fuel line help
  161. Ecu tuning question
  162. BCM, ECM, electrical gremlins.
  163. 04 ls6 knocking with good oil pressure
  164. Warning tone when shifting into reverse
  165. Service Manuals for Mounts
  166. Bent Brake Caliper line? Issue? Causing Drag?
  167. Can not enable TPMS relearn process
  168. LS2 Clutch swap to LS7 locations in South Florida
  169. Hey, New Girl in town!!! Problems with code P 0300 - 2004 CTS-V
  170. How can i add aux to my radio cts 2005?
  171. Gas tank drop
  172. Whatever Happened to The Annual V Series Meetup in Indy?
  173. 2005 CTS-V no XM band, wanting to wire in aux
  174. Outer tie rod ends
  175. Tires
  176. Parking brake wont hold car (new rotors, shoes, and adjustment) 05 V
  177. 2005 CTS-V cranks but no start
  178. Service Airbag light
  179. Coolant Overflow boiling over but temp Guage normal
  180. Engine Issues, Clutch or Transmission??
  181. Parking brake pawl broken
  182. Tablet in dash project - do you still have your old gen1 radio?
  183. Odd noise when turning right, throw out bearing??
  184. Looking for TheBigJimSho
  185. New to me 2005 CTS-V - Introducing Myself
  186. Brake caliper exchange
  187. Looking for my (old) 2005 V vin #1G6DN56S550164332
  188. Base stereo programming
  189. New First Gen CTS-V Owner
  190. E-Brake wire hooked up causing reduced power and code 1516
  191. Best stereo update for bluetooth/phone/etc
  192. Spare wheel/jack for CTS-V
  193. Need Drive Shaft for Gen 1 CTS-V
  194. Stability Control Saga Continues
  195. How do you mount & balance a replacement harmonic balancer
  196. ABS, Traction Control, and Parking Brake lights on along with problems. No CELs
  197. Seats, Mirrors, and Radio Constantly Reset.
  198. Cam Position Sensor (LS6) replaced and then
  199. Using Base Axles
  200. Replacing Fuel Pump on my '05 V
  201. TPMS going crazy!!!
  202. p0171, p0420, p0430 Cats shot at 38k?
  203. 2004 Cadillac Audio
  204. Heat shield removal
  205. Diff flange alignment
  206. 05 CTS-V thrown codes and random no start.
  207. Broken exhaust manifold bolt
  208. Cant pass smog 2005 Cts-V California
  209. My new to me 04 CTS-V
  210. Love this forum, but saying bye to my V
  211. Last gremlins are hanging on.
  212. Cadillac Racing Team spotted @ VIR
  213. First big issue with new V: bad "squeak" leads to misfire (P0303)
  214. Gc upper strut mounts mount help
  215. Steering shake when braking (not rotors, pads, or balance issue)
  216. The saga continues
  217. Driver's seat controls fuse keeps popping ???
  218. Fe4 shock/strut part #
  219. Any other CTS-Vs near Clarksville, TN?
  220. Leak under dash on passenger side
  221. Hopefully the last few gremlins. .....input needed.
  222. New Owner - Stealth Gray 2006 CTS-V
  223. No Panel lights
  224. I'm finally an owner - and glad to be.
  225. Stuck sunroof !
  226. Passenger Seat Shaking & Seat Belt Making Noise
  227. Just saying hello
  228. Intermittent Speedo Display
  229. replaced diff bushing, reassembled driveshaft CV !
  230. Fuel Pump Module & Connector Recall completed
  231. DIC Vehicle Personalization issues, newb help
  232. Lowest Odometer Reading
  233. Creative Steel Motor Mount Failure
  234. 25873498 - Gen IV Carrier / Differential
  235. 4 tires, brakes, rotors, tpms change
  236. Mechanic LS7 clutch parts list?
  237. Carrier bearing mount failure.
  238. Bad whining noise coming from tranny possibly? Video
  239. Rear Differential Bushing Help
  240. Woodward Dream Cruise
  241. AC Smells like mold
  242. 2005 CTS-V seatbelt recognition
  243. P0449 CEL & Evap Vent Solenoid Circut
  244. AC Compressor, Thermal Expansion Valve
  245. Driveshaft click
  246. Balancer
  247. Blown V rear differential
  248. Crack dash replacement poll
  249. AC Compressor ACDelco 15-21224 R&R questions, oil? volume?
  250. Connection plug arrangement headlight connector