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  1. Last ELR?
  2. recall notice 2014
  3. I just noticed this when going back to Tour mode
  4. OH NO! It's the dreaded SHVCS!
  5. Goofy things that I never even noticed until down the road
  6. Yikes! My regen quit working this morning!
  7. Question about speed limit signs
  8. Mountain mode
  9. FS: 2016 ELR Black/Black
  10. 2014 ELR Recall Notice: "Loss of Propulsion Due to Low Cell Voltage"
  11. Comparing interiors
  12. Before the Converj
  13. AAUUGHHHH this gets me every time!
  14. Moonroofs
  15. Important info to know if you buy wheel center caps
  16. Finally! A good (2016) ELR review!
  17. Rubber seal coming off of aluminum strip (see pic)
  18. The MSD
  19. What are you guys getting for gas mileage when not electric?
  20. ELR owners opinion (wanted) on history of this car
  21. Advice PLEASE! Going to just buy a 16. Life is Too short.
  22. 1" bar on screen
  23. Premium or unleaded for our ELRs from years of your experience?
  24. POPULAR FOLKS THAT OWN AN ELR?? Of Course Leno, any others?
  25. For cryin out loud aftermarket wheels are next to impossible to find!
  26. Just purchased 2016 ELR (version II)
  27. 4G wifi hotspot with CUE upgrade?
  28. Should I drive a different car in summer?
  29. Is this true?
  30. Front window sunshade recommendation?
  31. WTB 2016 ONLY ELR Black or white. Will travel anywhere in the US.
  32. ELR revenge - take that Tesla
  33. Any VIN experts?
  34. Horrible past reviews on the ELR
  35. The Cool things I love about this car
  36. Best Dash treatment?
  37. Avatar pic question
  38. The difference between the ELR and BMW i3 regeneration - and the winner is....
  39. D versus L driving
  40. Argh! Hood and lock question
  41. First Hybrid: the 2014 ELR
  42. Remote app question
  43. Got my ELR last night!!! CUE differences
  44. Owners happy with headlight output?
  45. Anyone put custom wheels on their ELR?
  46. Hello from NW - ELR newbie! Questions...
  47. Left rear quarter panel damaged
  48. EV Battery showing full at 29 Miles
  49. Lower Portion Rocker Panel Replacement
  50. Hello!
  51. Oil Change
  52. 2016 ELR Catalogs
  53. Rain Sensor
  54. New ELR Owner
  55. Driver door entry
  56. Extended storage of the vehicle
  57. Vent selection using the touch screen not working?
  58. F/S: 2014 Crystal Red Tintcoat, Cashmere interior
  59. OEM ELR winter mats for sale
  60. Gasoline smell in cabin of 2014 ELR when gas engine kicks in.???
  61. 2016 - drivers display went blank
  62. Heated seats
  63. Fuel Octane in the ELR?
  64. Anyone need the front splitter lip?
  65. New '16 owner
  66. Air pushed from the vents same for Max and Min settting?
  67. Gps
  68. CUE Troubles
  69. Fs: 2016 elr
  70. 2014 12V OEM battery installed, ELR SPECIFIC
  71. FS: 2014 ELR Blk/Blk CPO
  72. 2014ELR, 17k miles, Throttle dead spot
  73. ELR passing GA smog emission test
  74. Skid plate?
  75. ELR Service in the DC Metro area
  76. Wet carpet, passenger side
  77. Android Auto on 2016
  78. 105f heat: Multiple odd noises under the hood
  79. 2014 ELR Odd navigation behavior
  80. electric vs ICE
  81. What to do w/ELR when leaving on summer vacation?
  82. would you buy a 2014 with 90K
  83. 2014 ELR Doors won't open from outside
  84. DIC Hiccup
  85. snow tires
  86. Rpm
  87. Bought a 2016 ELR
  88. Use of the braking paddles
  89. Leather Cleaner/Conditioner
  90. Tire Noise
  91. Programming the Key Fob
  92. 220 Volt Charging Cord
  93. Trunk deck closes too fast
  94. CUE Delay at Start-up: What's Your Average?
  95. Keeping ELR Plugged in Following Full Charge
  96. Door Ding Protector
  97. Windshield Wipers Going Berserk After Wash
  98. Any ELR Owners in Texas
  99. Tire Pressure Monitor - How Reliable?
  100. As a New ELR Owner, What Should Be My Primary Concerns?
  101. Anyone Surpised by Lack of Bass in Bose System?
  102. CUE Reset - Fuse number and block location
  103. New 2014 ELR Owner
  104. LED replacement
  105. ELR purchase
  106. 1Questions for grp
  107. Latest Parts Availability Problem
  108. Electronics Test Mode?
  109. 2016 ELR (Will buy)
  110. Wanted: 2016 ELR
  111. Range miles number is low.
  112. Anybody see this before and know how to fix?
  113. For You Technical Folks...
  114. 2016 ELR Black with performance package
  115. People checking out your ELR.
  116. Removing center Cadillac Cue housing out of car
  117. Anyone know exact parts needed to upgrade for 2016 specs?
  118. 2014 ELR bottom of touch screen does not work
  119. Blind spot monitoring
  120. Battery Failure
  121. 2014 ELR Two years anniversary: Still enjoying the commute
  122. Car smell after running generator.
  123. How to disable alarm motion sensor for ferry travel
  124. Ambient lighting
  125. 6-50P Duosida Level 2 charger for sale
  126. Maximizing driving range question
  127. Replaced back-up and license plate lights with LEDís- now trunk wonít open
  128. Turning in a ULTRA low milage 2014 ELR very soon
  129. Center console cubby - below the CUE
  130. CUE not working and no steering wheel lights
  131. No Heat
  132. Guess there is no SMS on the ELR.
  133. 220 charging deals
  134. Help!! I need led tag lights
  135. Best deal I've seen on a 2016 so far
  136. Replaced Cabin Air Filter
  137. Tow Hook
  138. Extended warranty on a 2014 ELR should U get it or not
  139. ELR CUE reset procedure the same as other cars?
  140. Value has really gone down.
  141. ELR Hit and Run...
  142. Placing ELR on jack stands (one side).
  143. Today he just wasn't feeling it
  144. In-dash Navigation & Onstar
  145. Has anyone installed this ipone mirroring module?
  146. Anybody add the CD player - post purchase?
  147. Anybody know how to get to the fusebox...
  148. Battery Range over time
  149. Brake Upgrades
  150. Setting for default screen for CUE?
  151. How many graphite metallic RS?
  152. To keep or not to keep
  153. CUE = Junk
  154. 2014 ELR for sale 16,000 miles, Graphite Metallic
  155. ELR Onstar expiration after 3 years. Do you lose the charging status and.......
  156. Plasti-dipped Grill
  157. 2016 vs 2014
  158. What do you use to carry your bikes in your ELR? Hitch or truck mount bike rack?
  159. DC Fast Charging... Can we do it???
  160. National Drive Electric Week event, Annapolis, MD
  161. '14 Lease Return
  162. Lifetime Electric Miles
  163. Gonna get detailed
  164. Proud new owner
  165. Totaled ELR got different one NEVER CHARGED ?
  166. Does anyone else's ELR sound like this on starup? I think it is A/C related
  167. Hardwire Valentine 1
  168. What the hell???
  169. Well that was quick!
  170. Charging indicator lights (LEDs) seem backwards
  171. A few questions
  172. Crystal Red/Light Cashmere w/Luxury Package window sticker/PDF/Pic
  173. 1) How to engage ICE for max power? 2) Anyway to cut off creep?
  174. Set default charge to 12 amps? and mirror LEDs are MIA
  175. Moving Sale: 2016 ELR with 8200 miles
  176. Replacing 14 CUE with a 16 CarPlay CUE
  177. Hot weather - CUE dies
  178. Leaser owners, what did you end up doing?
  179. Black and cashmere seats are not full leather correct?
  180. Panic alarm when I unplug
  181. Leasing (cross posted from
  182. Installing sunroof on ELR
  183. What are you using for leather care?
  184. Did GM use sub standard parts?
  185. Are 2016's worth over KBB value?
  186. Can you replace Cue with Cue2
  187. Lease take over on my ELR. 2 years Left on lease 575.00/month
  188. Poll: Would you buy again?
  189. Automatic A/C behavior and other stuff
  190. Differences between the years
  191. Wtb: Elr
  192. Does the ACC work if a car darts in front ofyou?
  193. Cue locking up
  194. CUE/infotainment/heater/ radio
  195. Removal of Front License Surround
  196. New Weathertech rear trunk area protector.
  197. Moving like hot cakes!
  198. Cars and Coffee - ELR June 4th Northern California
  199. Door Panel Cracks?
  200. Rare ELR sightings spotted "in the wild" in OC!
  201. Range (per OnStar)
  202. Grill
  203. RR or RS which would you choose?
  204. Quality issues with ELR?
  205. does your dash have blue illuminated lights or just the doors?
  206. New 2016 ELR Owner
  207. My Cadillac ELR on new wheels
  208. Replacement Tires - non-LRR
  209. Window Sticker 2014 ELR
  210. cup holder led light
  211. Grille chips
  212. New(used) 2014 Owner
  213. Clear side Markers
  214. Thoughts on All Season vs. Snow Tires?
  215. Full Charge Cost Computation
  216. iPhone barely fits inside "secret" compartment
  217. considering one. Have some questions.
  218. 2014 Saks for sale
  219. Roadtrip back to WA
  220. Wheels
  221. engine update
  222. Picked her up Monday...
  223. New 2016 ELR Owner in Orange County, CA
  224. 2014 Saks Fifth Avenue Special Edition
  225. She doesn't like to waste her battery on hot air
  226. Finally a 2016 Cadillac ELR Video Review
  227. Technical Musings by a New Owner
  228. Buying a 2014
  229. Crease in dash?
  230. 2016 white ELR window sticker
  231. Window Indexing and Winter Weather
  232. Time for replacement tires for the ELR - advice?
  233. 2014 Cadillac ELR - Rainsense Never Activates Wipers (even in a downpour)
  234. Bose Sound System OK but not Great - Considering Aftermarket Upgrade
  235. Thinking of buying an ELR
  236. How to register your pre owned ELR with Cadillac?
  237. should i buy a elr or stay away from them???
  238. Proud New Owner of a 2014 ELR
  239. Is the gasoline powerplant in the ELR an interference engine?
  240. Anyone return a lease yet?
  241. NO MORE NEW 2016 ELR's LEFT
  242. Winter Storage for ELRs
  243. audio in ELR
  244. wheel alignment
  245. New CT6 Hybrid
  246. OnStar and Vehicle Charged Texts
  247. Hello all looking for a bit of informtion
  248. ELR final production numbers
  249. Fully loaded ELR but no Adaptive Cruise Control??
  250. Lowered with 21inch TSW Bathurst - love it!!!