I have been looking for several months and finally found this kit for my 2010 Escalade ESV. Check out the Suspension Maxx kit, it accounts for the magnetic ride control (https://suspensionmaxx.com/product/SMX-GM725M). First, can't say enough about the staff. They answered my question quickly, and the install videos were detailed. Probably took me longer to get the tires off than to install the kit (someone had put the lugs on with an industrial air gun I think). Follow the video and the instructions and you can do this in the driveway with no problems. Only thing I will say is you can access the top of the struts from the engine bay with a really long extension and a deep socket. I bought the ratchet open end 18mm as suggested in the video, but didn't need it. Not sure I could have broken those bolts loose anyways. Other than that everything went in just like it should. Love the new stance; I did the lower bracket and one spacer for the 1.75" of lift. The rear raised up with the air bags and now I am perfectly level. Went from 4.75 to about 6.25 from the top of the tire to the fender. Rear is at 6.25 as well. If anything, the ride is actually better. Not as “squishy” in the front if that makes sense. Plus, no more scrapes driving over tiny bumps like before. Can't wait to get some new rubber, going to install 305/45/22. I’ll post some new pics once they are on. I can't get the ones I took of the install to upload, but I will keep trying.