So I was watching "The Island" a few nights ago. When they got to the car scene, there was that half-second I went "Hey -that's my car!!!" Of course it wasn't an ELR because the film was done in 2005, but wow - it's pretty obvious to see the Converj came from the Cien! There's so many of the same lines and lines that are there but moved around. Even on the hood, the same lines but just moved back and not so deep.

I think if they made a Cad that looked like the Cien with a big engine/generator to replace the 1.4ltr and make it be the muscle car with the exhaust note to match as a direct i8 competitor. It would get double the lame electric range of the i8 and as long as it was an under 5 second car it would get respect from the "has to be fast" crowd.

I personally think the small generator of the ELR (which is totally fine for most things) is a big turnoff for a lot of people. If it has to have a generator, why not just make it sound like a Jag when it kicks on?

I'm pretty impressed that they made such a kick-ass car clear back in 2002. And it still looks bad-ass. Cadillac just makes some of the best concept cars. Too bad they just can't follow through with a workable, saleable product. The Elmiraj is still one of my all time favorites.

But here's that Cien if anyone hasn't seen it...